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Sales You have your restaurant open for several weeks now, customers are .ing infinally you have employees serving real food. But before you continue with your business further, be sure that you have everything else under control. It’s still important to be informed about what’s hot and what’s not and what’s important in handling a restaurant for business. It’s not only how your restaurant’s look and feel that matter, but how you make your customers happy and satisfied of their entire stay at your restaurant. When they have a good time over-all, they will surely .e back and take new friends or relatives with them, and when their friends tell their friends as well, you know what’s going to happen next. Make sure that your restaurant’s atmosphere is friendly all the way through to any customers that you receive. When you have a happy disposition with your business, it reflects that same character to your customers as well. Don’t forget to tell your employees to always give a smile to whoever .es in your establishment. It’s always important that customers feel your appreciation because they visited. Even when a customer makes a reservation, your front desk employee should always smile in answering the phone because customers can tell the sarcasm of the answering party’s voice on the phone. It’s not only the positive attitude that matters in a restaurant business, there is also promptness, attentiveness and of course, alertness. You wouldn’t want any of your employees be dubbed as in.petent by one of your customers now, would you? Promptness should always be observed especially when customers make sudden requests. Also, special requests in food or drinks are always made by customersso the minute instructions are given, attention should be set right there and then only for the customers. Your employees may drop glasses at one point or place the wrong plate on the wrong table, but it will happen. Instruct your staff properly but not harshly. They’re your front liners and when they’re not around, who would be? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: