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Travel-and-Leisure Selecting a Grand Cayman Villa Rental Planning for your Grand Cayman vacation entails brainstorming on where you really want to be and how much you are willing to pay for it. You can opt to get a Grand Cayman Villa that has 1 to 5 bedrooms. Along the Seven Mile Beach are several villas available for rent. Some of them are Regal Beach, Coral Stone Club, Crescent Point, Grandview, Meridian, Treasure Island, Whitesands, Beach.ber, Coral Reef, Discovery Point, Pappagallo, Poinsettia and Sundowner. On the North Sound or near the Rum Point Beach are the more secluded ones like Kaibo Yacht Club, Habana, Barefoot Kai, Kailypso, Bellagio, Thatch Hill, Blue Lagoon, Sea Cove, Calypso Blue, Cool Change, Ecstasea, Emmanuel, Fantasea, Great Escape, Halcyon Days, Kaiconut, Kirk Cove, La Playa, The Pools, Och Kai, Starboard Point, Pelican Point, Pieces of Eight, and Two Rainbows. There are villas in almost all places on the Island like Coco Kai, On the Bay, Caribbean Paradise, Seaspray, Windsong, Pease Bay House, The Pink House and Mahogany Cove. Prices of these villas range from $100 to $2500 per day depending on the size, the level of luxury and the season. Cavorting with Feathered Friends in the Grand Cayman The beauty of the Grand Caymans is that they have .mitted themselves to environmental protection and conservation not only to protect their marine life but also their flora and fauna. Vacationers out on their Grand Cayman vacations have increased the popularity of bird watching. . The islands are richly blessed with a variety of different rare and colorful bird species and they reach up to 200 different species in a peak season including migratory birdsThere are five colonies of the native brown booby, red-footed booby, least tern, and white-tailed tropic bird together with the beautiful West Indian woodpecker and stripe-headed tanager. The Grand Cayman has seven bird sanctuaries including the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, Colliers Pond, Salina Reserve, and the Majestic Reserve. The two other islands in the group have a 180-acre parrot reserve and the Booby Pond Reserve. It would certainly add fun and knowledge to your vacation when you include bird watching in your list of must-dos. Book on the Best Grand Cayman Resort When you plan for Grand Cayman vacations, you will never run out of choices on hotel or resort ac.modations. The elegant Westin Casuarina is located on the Seven Mile Beach together with most of the famous resorts and hotels. Likewise on this popular white sand beach is the deluxe Ritz Carlton which boasts of a 9-hole golf course, the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort with its tropical design, the Sunshine Suites Resort boutique hotel and the Grand Cayman Beach Suites. In other parts of the island that are less busy are the cozy Reef Resort that has beachfront suites, the Sunset House that is listed as one of the 5 best Caribbean dive resorts, time sharing The Grand Caymanian Resort, the new modern Cobalt Coast Dive Resort and the reasonably priced Treasure Island Resort and the .fort Suites. The Grand Caymans has many more resorts to choose from depending on your preference and budget. Find the Best Grand Cayman Vacation Packages Go on your Grand Cayman vacations and worry less about arrangements and itinerary so you can concentrate on having fun and relaxing. There are internet booking websites, travel agencies and hotels or airlines that offer attractive vacation packages. These packages .bine flights with ac.modations of your choice and additional specials depending on your interests like spa or golf or tours. A roundtrip ticket from Miami with a 4 night stay at the .fort Suites & Resorts would be about $599 or at the Westin Casuarianas Resort and Spa at $799. Most resorts and hotels offer their own packages like the $599 Summer Super Saver Package of the Reef Resort that includes a 4 night stay at their beachfront studio room, meals and drinks and airport transfers. Find a package that suits your package and your interests and you are sure to enjoy your Grand Caymon vacation. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: