Wuhan housing prices rebound, small and medium-sized supply slowdown windjview

Wuhan housing prices rebound and slowing the pace of supply of apartment layout Washington (reporter Zhang Qiqi correspondent Yu Miao Xiao Wenjing) the second week of September, due to the lack of market supply, Wuhan volume of new homes fell sharply to 3811, while the market demand is still huge, opening daylight project increase, plus the city center of high-end residential sales, and the volume was far from urban areas cut and other factors, Wuhan prices rebounded to 11020 yuan per square meter. 120-144 square meters of housing turnover dropped 80% turnover, last week the central area of Hankou in 545 sets won when the week market sales crown, two projects and Hankou ocean heart Times New World Wangjiadun CBD surrounding the opening sales, especially in the era of the new world 175 sets of transactions, the main push 100-190 square meters of large-sized apartment products and 25000 yuan the opening price has become an important force pulled prices in the main urban area. From the apartment segment turnover, the last week to clinch a deal to 90 flat below the small and medium-sized units for the main transaction, the proportion of transactions expanded to 44.8%, while the 120-144 Ping improved housing volume decreased by 80.9%. Small apartment layout supply rhythm slowed in September 1st, Wuhan formally implemented the purchase of the property market the new deal, the new housing policy in the land, new supply, prices and loans have policies, but yesterday, Wuhan land market is still a premium rate as high as 486% of the emergency situation, the traditional golden nine silver ten still exists in the supply a cover disc Xishou phenomenon. Housing prices, such as the piano fracture, Optics Valley East and other parts of the original price depression area, after the new deal also rose to more than 10000 yuan. From the recent push plate situation, the push plate rhythm slowed slightly next week, the city is expected to have 6 projects will open and push, push plate projects are located in the second ring, still in the direction of Hankou majority. The new apartment layout tends to more than 120 square meters of large-sized apartment, 15000 yuan the following products will become mainstream, Wuhan is expected prices will fall short, but individual regions such as Optics Valley East, due to product upgrades, is expected to continue to push up the area prices, Huangpi district recently emerged out of the most expensive land, it is expected that the new market the project will also increase prices.

武汉房价止跌反弹 中小户型供应节奏放缓   本报讯(记者 张齐琪 通讯员 余淼 肖雯静)九月第二周,受市场供应不足影响,武汉新房成交量大幅下滑至3811套,而市场需求依然庞大,开盘日光项目增加,加上中心城区高端住宅的热销,以及远城区成交量遭到腰斩等影响,武汉房价止跌回升至11020元 平方米。   120-144平方米房源成交锐减八成   成交方面,上周汉口中心区以545套夺得当周楼市销冠,远洋心汉口以及时代新世界等王家墩CBD周边的两个项目开盘热销,尤其是时代新世界成交175套,主推100-190平方米大户型产品以及25000元的开盘价成为了拉升主城区房价的重要推手。   从户型段成交来看,上周成交项目以90平以下中小户型为成交主力,成交比重扩大至44.8%,而120-144平改善型房源成交量大幅减少80.9%。   中小户型供应节奏放缓   9月1日,武汉正式施行楼市购房新政,新的楼市政策在土地、新增供应、房价和贷款方面均有政策出台,但就在昨日,武汉土地市场上依然出现溢价率高达486%的抢地情况,传统的金九银十在供应上依然存在着捂盘惜售的现象。房价方面,目前诸如琴断口、光谷东等一些原本属于房价洼地的区域,新政后也都涨到了万元以上。   从近期的推盘情况来看,下周推盘节奏略有放缓,全市预计有6个项目会开盘加推,推盘项目均位于二环外,仍以汉口方向居多。新推户型开始偏向120平方米以上大户型,15000元 平以下产品将成为主流,预计武汉房价会出现短暂回落,不过个别区域如光谷东,由于产品升级明显,预计将继续推高其片区房价,而黄陂区近段时间不断涌现出地王,预计新入市项目的房价也将水涨船高。相关的主题文章: