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"Wuhan Eagles over the Russian version of" in Moscow starting – Beijing Beijing in Moscow in August 30 Xinhua (reporter Wang Xiujun) "after reading this book, I feel very shocked and moved". 30, 2009, Russia, dragon newspaper President Li Shuangjie in an interview with reporters in Beijing, said. Li Shuangjie said the book refers to the jointly published by Wuhan press and Russian collectors union "Wuhan Eagles over the Russian version of". The Russian version in 29 in Moscow held a ceremony. In the early days of the war of resistance against Japan, the Soviet Union sent a total of more than 2000 members of the Soviet air force volunteers and more than 1 thousand aircraft to assist in the war against Japan, repeatedly hit the Japanese, their sacrifice is also great. Only in 1938 the battle of Wuhan, there are more than 100 Soviet pilots to die in the sky. In April 2013, to commemorate the 75 anniversary of the battle of Wuhan, Wuhan Changjiang Daily opened the "Eagle – over Wuhan – for the Soviet Air Force Volunteer Team for the martyrs" large multinational reporting activities. The interview lasted nearly a month, travel thousands of kilometers, to find 7 Soviet martyrs and heroic descent, 3 in Wuhan at the expense of the Soviet martyrs true reduction. In 2015, the Changjiang Daily search process and related historical data compiled into a book, and in the same in Beijing at the end of the Russian cultural center held Chinese premiere. Li Shuangjie attended the 29 Russian Premiere of the book, the book and see the Russian version in the first time. She believes that the Soviet pilots in the most beautiful stage of life, to make light of travelling a thousand li the precious life China, dedicated to the cause of Anti Japanese War China people, it was worth two people for generations to remember. Li Shuangjie said, "the Wuhan Eagles over the" Russian version in Russia to meet with readers is the Russian media publishing industry under the framework of bilateral exchanges in the important results of cooperation. The Russian version of the book publishing not only has a strong sense of education for young people, but also effectively respond to some attempts to distort the history of World War II behavior. It is reported that the Soviet air force volunteer team will receive relatives of martyrs at the beginning of this year, from Wuhan to send the "Eagle" over Wuhan Chinese books. One of them, Andre said the families of the martyrs of the book, help yourself to unlock the place in his grandfather’s many historical mysteries. Hope that the future can be opened in China, the Soviet Air Force Volunteer memorial hall, so that each family for many years to collect the martyrs relics, photos can have a common place to display. (end)相关的主题文章: