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Home-Audio-Video AJ Bennett here, I want to expose the Warcraft gold guides once and for all… Let’s get serious here, some of these guides are charging almost $50 for information that is .plete crap and not worth the time reading, others are just rubbish and want to get your email address just so they can spam your email… I’ve read so many of these gold guides for Warcraft that it makes me sick to my stomach that these guys are charging so much for .plete rubbish. Most of them are doing it to get a ton of affiliates promoting the guide so they can make a bunch of money from uninformed people. Well, I am going to stop this game of lies before it escalates any further. I’ll let you in on a secret, I have bought most of the gold guides written for Warcraft and most of them are .plete junk, worthless and useless information on how to make World of Warcraft gold. These authors are ripping people off left and right using the leverage of high prices and affiliates that promote them because of these insane prices. How would you feel if you just paid $50 for a piece of crap? Probably not too good, you would not want to trust another flashy sales page ever again. These gold guides are full of tasteless sales tactics to get you suckered into coughing up your money and then leave you out to dry like an old rug. So unfair. Luckily for you, I have done all the research and I know which guides to look out for and which ones are actually worth the investment. Do not buy another guide until you have read my report, I tell you the truth and will not mislead your judgment, these gold guide scammers need to be stopped! No more gold guide scams, I’ve been ripped off, laughed at and snubbed by these scammers, but I will get justice, once the word is out, these guys are going to go down! I’ve tested the gold guides, lots of them and for the most part, these guides are all the same recycled trash that the good ones have, the only difference is they have a flashy sales page and an army of affiliates promoting this crap for a quick buck. So, onto the shame and blame, lets get on with it, I bought around 12 gold guides and only found 3 that are worth the time and investment. Most of these Warcraft gold guides are either out-dated or way over priced, so the 3 I found worth the price are very good and I wouldn’t re.mend a guide that costs $50 just to make some extra cash, that is just shameless. As stated, I have found 3 gold guides for Warcraft that are great, they are worth the money, they are full of info and they work. Most guides are trash, but these 3 are worth your time and they won’t cost you half a hundred, with the exception of the third on I have listed, it is a great guide, but the pirce is just too high, that is the reason it is #3 on my list. 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