When A Spammer Goes Rogue – The Donald Davanzo Effect-running man20130526

Spam-Blocker What happens when a broken, defeated, and failed spammer turns rogue? He creates a spammer from his failed actions to serve as a scapegoat, and then he promotes his creation to the top of Google with keyword attacks that spawn defensive keyword attacks from his victim. Then, he does what any good spammer would do and he monetizes his creation by registering domains bearing his victim’s name in the url (knowing that is the primary keyword of interest now), and he adds banner ads to make money from the site. The spammer doesn’t have the patience or the creative ability to type his own content for monetization, so he simply copies and pastes other’s content for his site and uses automated plugins to fill in the blanks. The spammer is fired for his illegal activities The spammer creates a scapegoat out of his ex-partner The spammer promotes his scapegoat creation and becomes the "nemesis" in order to be the "good guy" in a new community The scapegoat defends him in a way that a marketer would (since he is a marketer) The spammer registers domains with the scapegoats’ name as primary keywords since that is now what his focus of interest is and he knows the marketer that he created a "bad guy" from will keyword defend…which only increases the value of that new keyword that he has created out of his scapegoats’ name. The spammer uses plugins to create content for quickly produced sites that are made to be on top of Google for the keyword at hand The spammer then uses monetization strategies (just like every spammer) by placing banner ads (in this case the ads are actually promoting data hygiene) and activity this "spammer gone rogue" is supposedly against. Then the spammer creates a new network as a martyr for chasing his newly created enemy …the flaw is…and always has been with this strategy…that the true spammer gets caught lying and creating his web of distrust and is placed in the same category as his victim… SOUND FAMILIAR DONALD D’AVANZO OF HAMILTON OHIO, BROAD CHANNEL NEW YORK, L&C SUNSHINE TECHNOLOGY, SPAMREPORTERONLINE.COM, AND STOPANDREWSTEPHENS.COM? About the Author: 相关的主题文章: