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Fashion-Style In any Indian marriage, the bride and all the women of the family spend so much of time or even weeks for deciding what to wear on the day of wedding. It is the maximum time consuming and the most difficult decision to make is the brides wedding dress. The bride would be the center of attention and her outfit must be the center of attraction. Lehenga is the most favored wedding attire. Its a mixture of long skirt called as lehenga, a blouse called as choli and a stole called as dupatta. A lehenga typically is a full pleated skirt in different colors & patterns like fish cut, mermaid style, A-line, straight cut and colors are like pink, red, maroon, green, orange, blue, yellow and also in multicolor. The cut of the blouse has been rationalized, these days, tight fighting corsets & bikini patterned tops style blouses are in trend and specially backless or with threads that adds charm and fascination to this customary outfit. Halter necks and strapless blouses are also in fashion. There are several options for Indian traditional wear like saris, salwar suits and off course lenhega also. Due to Bollywood movies and many TV serials, this attire is now considered as a contemporary outfit and lehengas are in demand. This attire can be in contrast with matching colors and embellished with diamantes, stone work, jari work, embroidered to give twist from traditional to modern look. The latest trends are gotta patti work having sophisticated embroidery with different patterned embellished work in wedding and bridal lehengas or is in huge demand. Another style in accompaniments is the use of Swarovski crystals with different traditional patterns of embroidery. This can be joined with silver cross-stitch to give a remarkable look to the ensemble. Wedding or Bridal lehengas are mainly of material like cotton, synthetic, chiffon, georgette, silk, brocade, net etc. Mostly bridal lehengas are to have the blouse and skirt part of silk with the stole in a elegant or smooth fabric like chiffon or net with identical embellishments. To give a customary look to this attire, traditional designs, patterns and colors has to be selected by adding a modern & stylish touch also. So that the outfit is traditional but the cut is contemporary. For traditional wear, in comparison with Indian saris lehenga is also stunning and attractive clothing that has projected Indian custom to incredible altitudes. Due to fast varying world of international fashion and also Indian fashion is just moving peak to peak of famous admiration. From traditional flaring lehengas to the latest exclusive ones and can be pair it with a glossy luxurious blouse. Every woman and bride keeps their wedding clothing carefully & safely. That attire is worn on special occasion, due to its embellishment & heaviness of dress. Its a mutual problem. Now this issue has been resolute by the designers. Certain things must be kept in mind for special wedding dresses before the wedding and can become a head turner on the wedding events by wearing the same wedding attire in different flairs. Keeping in mind different style of pattern, fashion designers experiment new looks in these traditional outfits. Besides this, one thing is most important that cannot be snubbed is your body figure. For new look, wear long kurtas on your lehengas which has slits on sides and short kurtis, bustier and tube tops also. Alikaa jacket is in fashion now and it becomes hottest trend among fashion at women. Any class or cuts suit on tall girls, skinny girls should opt for flared lehengas for fuller look. For the wedding day, choose stylish lehenga which suits on your body figure and most essential point is dont ignore outfits fabric, color and stitching. For different look, dont go for maroon or red color dress; choose some exclusive shades of dress so that you can wear it on any ceremonial event after marriage. Bulky women should use light fabrics. To give a contemporary look to your lehenga, play it with blouses or tops only. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: