WeChat will charge a fee for cash 0.1% rate of at least 0.1 yuan-sexhu

WeChat will charge fees for withdrawals: rate 0.1%, at least 0.1 yuan, Sina Technology News February 15th, Tencent customer service announced today that since March 1st this year, WeChat payment transfer fees to stop charging fees. Starting from the same day, the collection fee is charged. WeChat side to Sina Technology said, the cash transaction fee is not WeChat to pursue revenue move, but to pay bank charges. Specific charge scheme is, each user (to ID card dimension) lifetime enjoy 1000 yuan free withdrawal amount, exceed the part of the bank fees charged by the Commission, the current rate is 0.1%, each receive at least 0.1 yuan. WeChat red packets, face to face payment, AA collection and other functions are not affected, free of charge. For this adjustment, WeChat said, based on WeChat to pay each transfer and cash transactions, in fact, regardless of the amount of money, banks have to pay WeChat transaction fees charged. Instead of paying for WeChat’s revenue, the cash deal is used to pay bank fees. WeChat’s product strategy is consistent, the adjustment is to further optimize the allocation of service resources, more focus on good service small high frequency social transfer, as well as a wider range of online and offline consumption. In addition, WeChat said, WeChat payment team is actively communicate with the bank side, for the early realization of the transfer, cash transactions are completely free. Last October, WeChat began to gradually grayscale test transfer of new regulations. Each month transfer + face to face collection can enjoy 20 thousand yuan free of charge, exceeding the part of the bank fees charged by the standard of 0.1%. (Anne)

微信将对提现收取手续费:费率0.1% 最少0.1元   新浪科技讯 2月15日消息,腾讯客服今日发布公告称,自今年3月1日起,微信支付对转账功能停止收取手续费。同日起,对提现功能开始收取手续费。微信方面向新浪科技表示,对提现交易收费并不是微信支付追求营收之举,而是用于支付银行手续费。   具体收费方案为,每位用户(以身份证维度)终身享受1000元免费提现额度,超出部分按银行费率收取手续费,目前费率均为0.1%,每笔最少收0.1元。微信红包、面对面收付款、AA收款等功能不受影响,免收手续费。   对于本次调整,微信方面表示,基础于微信支付的每一笔转账和提现交易,事实上不论金额大小,银行都要向微信支付收取交易手续费。对提现交易收费并不是微信支付追求营收之举,而是用于支付银行手续费。微信支付的产品策略是一贯的,此次调整是为进一步优化服务资源配置,更专注地服务好小额高频的社交转账,以及更广泛线上线下消费。   此外,微信方面称,微信支付团队正在积极与银行方面密切沟通,争取早日实现转账、提现交易完全免费。   去年10月微信方面曾开始逐步灰度测试转账新规。每人每月转账+面对面收款可享受2万元免手续费额度,超出部分按照0.1%的标准收取支付的银行手续费。(安妮)相关的主题文章: