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Arts-and-Entertainment Calgary is far from the sleepy city that some people might perceive it to be. Contrary to that, the events in Calgary guarantees that any tourist at any given month will certainly have a grand old time going around the city and having great fun with all the exciting events that take place. If you have never been to this place, you will want to after reading this because you will be so enthused by the events in Calgary that you will get to read about. Top on the list of the events in Calgary would be the ever-popular Rodeo Royal. If you are a rodeo or a cowboy enthusiast, this will be tops on your to-do list of the events in Calgary. Have fun at this indoor rodeo where you will get to witness the beautiful and majestic queen as well as princesses that were selected for the Calgary stampede. If laughter and fun are more your cup of tea, there are events in Calgary that can certainly tickle your funny bone and give you a hearty laugh or two. The Funny Fest in Calgary should be number one in your events in Calgary list as it is guaranteed to make you shake with laughter. This is also known as the renowned Calgary .edy Festival, the most looked-for event that is held during the end of the month of April until the middle of May. If you are looking for laughs and several nights of .edy, this is the time in your events in Calgary list where you should go to Calgary. Most events in Calgary also feature some great celebrities (and celebrities in their own right) and you will find many of them during the many .edy performances around the city of Calgary during this Funny Fest. If you are looking into a bit of culture and history, there are events in Calgary that will satisfy that craving too! Look no further than the Calgary Greek festival, where the best of this ancient civilization will .e alive like no other events in Calgary will be able to! There are so many amazing family entertainment pieces during this time in June and proves it so with attendees racking up numbers of ten thousand strong. Have fun dancing around to live music, drinking your fill of wine worthy of Bacchus praise and food glorious food that cannot be found in other events in Calgary. On the other hand, if you are feeling a bit sporty and yearn for some excitement, the Dragon boat Festival in the events in Calgary list will be the best thing that you can attend. This festival is usually help ever Saturday as well as Sunday during the month of August and features teams that .e from Western Canada as well as the United States of America. Events in Calgary also feature the best of art native art that is with the International Native Arts Festival. Try to summon the art phoenix in you and partake in this one of a kind activity that you can only witness in events in Calgary. Events in Calgary also seek to bring praise to the culture of the area, and what better and more fitting way than a festival that celebrates the native Indian heritage of Calgary. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: