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Venice Film Festival opening soon judge Zhao Weidan seed too much of the seventy-third Venice Film Festival opening soon for entertainment Zhuangao (Tencent everything in good order and well arranged Wen Fengyi photography and camera Sui Zhang Chao) Venice local time on August 30th afternoon, located on the island of Lido Movie Palace before the seventy-third Venice Film Festival of the posters and panels on both sides of the road board film the movie poster, and busy laying the red carpet in front of the palace staff, are harbingers of the world’s oldest film festival "the father is about to begin its new period of the journey. Tencent entertainment front coverage group will also report the entire film festival. According to the latest news, as in the film festival before the opening of the central area of Italy suffered the earthquake disaster, in order to victims of the earthquake in tribute and respect, the Venice Film Festival was held every year in the Opening Gala dinner party this year and will be canceled. On the surface, this seems to have become a "Venice Film Festival -" footnote. In the three Film Festival, Venice Film Festival is more "ignored" in the extrusion of the Cannes Film Festival and the Berlin Film Festival, and even after the pursuers — new rise of the Toronto Film Festival has become the global film in September will reach the place, and it’s just on the eve of the opening time the end of the Venice film festival. But this year’s Venice Film Festival, but in the quality of the film and the stunt, have given a few other big film festival a little color to see see. From this year’s competition unit single release of the moment, the current Venice Film Festival suddenly let the media feel a return to the golden age style. Even with the most hackneyed and stereotyped expressions that this is also not an exaggeration: masters, star studded. Both "Philharmonic city" that this year is expected to become Oscar’s new seed, but also Kusturica and Andre · Konchalovsky such top art film director of the debut of the new. The "people" magazine neatly at the Venice Film Festival aspect summarized as "three": the invasion of a heavy musical, have a unique style of a Hollywood big battle and an alien civilization might. This "three" refers to the film is very obvious. The first is the opening film "the Philharmonic city", "burst" by drummer director Damien · Chazelei directed by Ryan Gauss and Lin · Elmar · Stone starred in the musical film, before the announcement of several materials, have revealed a romantic and retro style, so that the industry expectations for its high. The second "one" refers to the big man, is Mel · Gibson. The once in Hollywood’s top stars but summon wind and call for rain, because of personal and political field controversies move gradually disappear in the public view, basically ruined his career as an actor. Venice this year, he as a director of the war epic "hacksaw Ling" will debut, this work also carries his ambition to return to first tier status. The last one, "one" refers to by Jeremy · and Amy Adams Reina; · CO starring in the sci-fi film "come"..相关的主题文章: