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Crafts-Hobbies Sky lanterns are used in many traditional festivals of Asian countries; the famous ones are the Chinese and Thai festivals. However, the use of these lanterns is no more restricted to festivals. These lanterns have now become part of party decorations and are used in special events. You could also use sky lanterns to light up memorable occasions in your house. These added elements add excitement to events and bright up celebrations. However, one should be cautious while purchasing these flying sky lanterns as carelessness could lead to unwanted consequences. Sky lanterns, also known as Kongming lanterns or Kongming lights, are great replacements for balloons and other traditional decor products. These are generally made up of oiled rice paper and bamboo frame. Nowadays, fire proof papers are used to construct these lanterns. Generally, the lanterns are hand crafted, and they come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Usually, these fly from 10 20 minutes in the air. These things stay in the sky till the flame stays alight, after which they sink back to the ground. In recent times, sky lantern is made up of organic materials that make it biodegradable so that it does not cause safety issues for environment. A good thing about flying paper lantern is its easy to use and does not require any technical expertise. One just needs to light the fuel cells and let it go. These lanterns act as outstanding decorative accessories and make your event stand out. They add extra zing to your occasions and make your guests feel special. Apart from using them in special occasions like birthdays, memorials and anniversaries, you could also use them when you’re planning something memorable for your spouse or your beloved. With the help of these lanterns, you can create an enchanting environment for your beloved. Sky Lanterns Safe and Economical A lot has been said and heard regarding the safety issues and the price of the flying paper lanterns. It is said that in many countries, farmers disregarded the use of these lanterns as they caused fire and resulted in crop destructions. Farmers also claimed that it is harmful for their livestock because they consumed the lanterns. However, the issue of causing fires have been ruled out because these lanterns are now made with fire-resistant papers and are biodegradable. These lanterns are even used as replacements for firecrackers because they cause less noise and air pollution. The next myth about Kongming lanterns is there price range. The misconception regarding the price factor is that these decor products are very costly. This is absolutely wrong because these products are extremely cheap and are very much affordable. There are plenty of online shops where one can buy Kongming lights online that too at economical rates. The online shops have a wide collection of these lanterns in various shapes, sizes and colors. Another advantage of these lanterns is that they can be customized with messages and figures. So, plan a big surprise for your parents, siblings, spouse or your friends and light up their as well as your special day with beautiful, magical sky lanterns. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: