Unorthodox Get Rich Quick

Investing Do you know why get rich quick schemes seem so popular? It is because we are all so impatient these days that waiting for that investment to mature in 5 years time, or saving for our golden years years seem an alien concept. All of us want to get rich now, and not in the future. But the search for the get rich quick scheme that really works can cause us to get poor real quick as well. But there are time tested techniques that have worked time and again. I have put together a list of get rich quick schemes that, although I can’t guarantee that you can get rich off them, I can guarantee that somebody somewhere had made tons of money off every single one of these techniques. Marry Into Money Ever heard of love at first sight? Just find a really rich guy and I guarantee it will be love at first sight. Of course, you will actually love his money and not the person, but miracles have been known to happen. And anyway, if it turns out that you really can’t stand him, there’s always divorce – and you get half of what he owns! Start A Ponzi Scheme A ponzi scheme is a great way to make some money on the side if you are able to get in early. But if your goal is to make tons of money, then you must be the one that is running the scheme. It’s not difficult really. Just come up with a great money making idea, get investors to put in money and promise them a very good monthly return. The money invested goes to fund your holiday in South America, your kid’s college tuition and to pay off the mortgage. But do remember that the first priority must go to the people who put in the money. Pay the investors their monthly return and don’t forget to tell them that more money is needed to expand the business. Giving your investors a referral fee to bring in new suckers …. err …. investors is a good idea. The more fresh money comes in, the longer your scheme will run and the more money you can make. Buy A Lottery Ticket The lottery is probably the only way you can have nothing to your name one day, and be filthy rich the next. But make sure you have enough money to buy the lottery ticket. However, before you go off and buy your castle in Switzerland, remember that you have a rather poor chance of winning. Fact is, if you were to buy one ticket every week for the rest of your life, there is an extremely good chance that you would not win even once. Be A Beggar Find a place where people are in a charitable mood, like a temple or church. A good fallback are tourist spots. You simply dress in your worst clothes, look really pathetic and you are good to go. Remember to put a hat in front of you so that people know that they are expected to contribute. Conclusion This article presents a tongue in cheek look at get rich quick schemes and also to highlight that real get rich quick schemes do not exist in real life. A few schemes might work temporarily for a short while, but they will lose their effectiveness once word gets around and more people implement their methods. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: