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"Two girls" disease to save the world premiere today eight aspect – Sohu entertainment today, jointly produced by the original pictures of Mars, Sheng culture, the film "two ring disease girl to save the world" exclusive on-line at Iqiyi, as the first domestic for the two dimension and the film student groups, the film was a comedy, animation, COSPLAY and other elements, in a high school as the background, tells the story of Lolita high school girl Zhang Wenwen (Wang Linyi) and his friend Jin Mu (Wang Ruichang ornaments) Marx (Wang Jingshuai) Lara (Zhang Meiqi ornaments) in order to establish the community as an opportunity, on campus are a series of interesting and funny "bully" story. One point: into a sense of super in two topics in recent years, many people after watching some related works with a novel setting, plot and ability of the film or novel, more or less will put myself in, and these thoughts projected in daily life behavior, such as an institution’s own fantasy agent, or a wizard like organization, these people are called "unified disease in two patients". And with a variety of superhero movies were moved to the big screen, followed by the United States diffuse, diffuse day in the rise, the number of patients with two disease is also increasing. "In the two disease girl to save the world" is to seize this hot spot, with the theme of "two disease" throughout the whole film, let the audience while watching movies, will find themselves guilty of "two disease" when the shadow from each person. Two things: wear uniforms cute Lolita by crew pre selected by small coffee show starring Wang Linyi, "sweet wheat" with "funny Lolita" title, when the cute she put on the familiar blue and white uniforms, to attract a large number of "uniform" or "Lolita" plot the audience. Three things: the main theme of nostalgia youth campus scene the film from the Ji’nan city of Changqing, both classroom and office, teachers and students all can truly show the plot, the film’s unique campus and characters, such as the formation of associations, campus bully, people can not help but recall their middle school in the past. Four things: As US diffuse at the beginning of animation at the beginning of animation style borrowed Fast Flip Marvel movie at the beginning of the manga, show the actress with super powers fought the devil plot for us, but also paves the way for the following circumstances. Among them, both high school Lolita turned battle girl, or the image of the show, each picture has done very well. Aspect five: 3D game special effects picture in warm and bright small fresh style, the film also added a lot of animation effects, with the style of collision in the audience can also open up a fresh outlook that enjoy a visual feast in the appreciation of the story at the same time. Aspect six: pleural champion portrait of Wang Mingming as a guest starring not only has a beautiful face, is the second international chest model contest, she changed the past hot sexy image, in the "two disease" to save the world in girls wearing uniforms as high school students, also do not have a flavor. Aspect seven: true interpretation of the campus bullying incident.相关的主题文章: