Tongguan gold mine was traced to the miners body transferred to Shanxi (video) musiland

Tongguan gold mine was traced to the miners corpse was transferred to the Shanxi traced the charnel Fenglingdu Development Zone Center hospital. "If my brother is disabled after the gold into a bottomless pit, living until 8 hours after his death was dragged out of the." November 2nd, there are friends to Beijing time (micro signal: btime007) to provide a video material. In the video, Chongqing man to product introduction, Shaanxi Tongguan Dexing Mining Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as the Dexing gold mining) for concealed mine, brother remains smuggled into Shanxi Yuncheng Fenglingdu Development Zone Center Hospital (hereinafter referred to as Fenglingdu hospital). Yesterday, to the product to Beijing time (micro signal: btime007) confirmed the authenticity of the video. Dexing mining mine and fenglingtu hospital responsible person denied. At present, Tongguan County Safety Supervision Bureau has sent to Chongqing to find the family of the deceased to understand the situation, whether to hide a positive investigation. Fenglingdu Development Bureau of health and Family Planning Bureau of investigation Fenglingdu hospital. In addition, the "Beijing time" (micro signal: btime007) query public reports found that Dexing mining 2014 has happened with mine, Tongguan County Safety Supervision Bureau as a cheat, and Tongguan area in recent years occurred more frequently concealed the accident. The deceased to the photos. Gold was traced to the end of October, "the transfer of miners body we several relatives to go to Shanxi Yuncheng Fenglingdu Development Zone Center Hospital to pick up the remains." To tell the product "Beijing time" (micro signal: btime007). According to the "Beijing time" (micro signal: btime007) to obtain the video display, October 8th, Dexing mining roof collapse collapse, the Chongqing man to the mine workers were buried and killed. Then, to the body was transferred to Fenglingdu hospital. November 2nd, to tell his brother to the product to tell Beijing time (micro signal: btime007), the video content is true. After receiving the notice of the mine, immediately rushed to Tongguan to negotiate compensation matters, and ultimately, the two sides agreed to compensate 1 million 250 thousand yuan. Tongguan County Safety Supervision Bureau, has not received the Dexing mining accidents causing death report. According to the State Council Decree No. 493rd of ninth stipulates that after the accident, the unit responsible for receiving the report shall be within 1 hours after the accident the people’s governments at or above the county level of production safety supervision and management departments and relevant departments should report the safety production supervision and management responsibilities. In case of late, false, false or concealed accidents, will be directly responsible for personnel and other personnel directly responsible shall be given disciplinary action; constitutes a crime, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility according to law. But the coal mine in October 8th had denied the Chus mine. In addition, to the "Beijing time" (micro signal: btime007) said, he felt the death of a brother. "Why not put the remains of his brother’s death in the local morgue? Why shipped from Shaanxi to Shanxi in a small hospital morgue?" He said in a report material, his brother was to climb out from the gangue is not dead, but the mine will think to the life will come to a later treatment is astronomical, then dragged out相关的主题文章: