They Laughed At Me Until They Saw Me Sell-pullip

Legal Selling is one of those arts that you can’t quite explain, you either have it or you don’t, if you can sell, you can do almost anything. A few people in life are born to sell, they are usually successful people that can practically sell ice to Eskimos. If you are like me, you are not a born sales person. You have to will have to learn to sell; the key to successful selling is .munication and trust. Good sales people always ask questions and to understand what the person actually wants. Sometimes people initially say one thing and mean another, sometimes people have a deeper concern. For example: A person may want to buy a bicycle, he tells the salesman it’s to keep the kids busy. In fact, he actually wants to give the bicycle to his child so the child can keep healthy. If you had asked the right questions and discovered the persons deeper meaning the sale would have been guaranteed. The three key points to making a successful sale are: Walk into the meeting positive and look happy, be confident and know your product inside and out. The third and most important step is: Ask for the business! This is by far the most important step, it does not matter how you do it. A few examples of how to ask for the business are: Would you like to order this? Do you want to put the order in? Do you want to go ahead and buy this? If you follow the steps in chronological order, you will convert an interested person into a person who .pletes a sale. Remember, 1. Act Positive & look happy 2.Act Confident & Know your Product, 3. Ask for the business. You also need to target the right type of customers, these are people who you would approach that may be interested in buying your products. For example: If you were selling a very fast motorcycle you would probably approach adults who are aged between 20 & 50 years old. You probably would NOT approach people who were 90 years old. This is targeting the right kind of customer. I have written a few things that you need to avoid when selling your products. The most important aspect of selling when your chips are down is, don’t let it get to you. So many times, I have heard sales people say: Maybe sales just isn’t for me or I’m no good at sales. This is utter rubbish. Anyone can learn to sell, you just need to follow the three basic steps I previously mentioned and go and talk to as many of the right type of customer as possible. You also should not lie to make a sale, if the person you are selling to suspects that you are not telling the truth the sale will be lost. Don’t ever look desperate, this will also not win you any sales. Lastly, sales is more of a numbers game, the more calls you make the more you will sell, period. Talk to the right type of customers for your business. You will succeed. 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