The Premier League debut goal 6 minutes – bogeba Manchester United 3 ball 4-1 wins the defending

Premier Pogba first goal for Manchester United 6 minutes 3 ball 4-1 wins the Premier League champions Manchester United win 4-1 sina sports news Beijing time at 19:30 on September 24th (12:30 BST), the 201617 Premier League season sixth round of a focus of the war to compete at Old Trafford, Manchester United 4 1 win over the Leicester City home court, Smalling, Mata, Rush Forde and Pogba has scored, Gray scored a world wave. Manchester United to stop the Barclays Premier League defeat. Manchester United in the Carling Cup victory after the 3 stop. Manchester United last season with the Premier League champions twice this season, with Ibrahimovic winning the Community Shield win over Leicester city. Manchester United in the last 15 games against Leicester City, only negative for the game, the remaining 14 games to get 12 wins and 2 draws in 1. Leicester City wins the last United or 1998. The two sides in the history of the Premiership clash 20 games, Manchester United’s 12 wins and 6 draws a negative advantage of 2. The two sides clash in 122 games, Manchester United’s 61 wins, 28 draws and 33 defeats. Marshall injured, Rooney was placed in the bench, lingard and Herrera, Mata and Blinder out of rotation. Ferguson and Nemanja after the opening scene to match Manchester United take the initiative, blinder long shots, Ibrahimovic in the restricted area on the left corner melee 12 yards volley also missed. The city of Leicester gradually into the game, Fuchs, Huth and Drinkwater peripheral has shot was blocked, Robert corner melee restricted the right of small angle shot burst out. Manchester United took the lead on twenty-second minutes, blinder corner, sneaked into Robert behind Chris small edge header. Chris xianbatouchou Manchester United wasted the opportunity, twenty-fifth minutes, to counter Ibrahimovic and instep xiechuan, rush, stopping after the larger single shot wide on the right side of the area. After 1 minutes, Ma Dazun Lu, Pogba header ferry, Ford tried to rush down the hook shot off. Twenty-seventh minutes, Pogba sent precise pick, Ibrahimovic chesting after 10 yards volley high turn. Blinder return, left bogeba small angle shot near the corner was also saved zieler. Mata Manchester United 6 minutes the icing on the cake with 3 goals to expand the score, thirty-seventh minutes, Mata pass, bogeba pick, blinder volley set aside, Mata edge of the area within the left foot volley, 2-0. Rush Forde locked for fortieth minutes, blinder quickly opened a corner, the horse in front of the tower point cross, Rush Forde close to shovel into the net, 3-0. Forty-second minutes, blinder another corner, before Pogba snatches before Fuchs rushed into the roof of the net, 4-0. This is he scored his first goal for the reds. Rooney on the bench also stood up after each goal. Leicester city for the first time into the ball bogeba debut in the Premier League first half lost 4 balls, Ranieri in midfield and Maheras Valdivia together for rest. Leicester City fifty-ninth minutes to regain a city, a Ma Tai pass, Gray left inside out lingard 25 yards after a volley on the upper right corner, 1-4. The Valencia right back to the edge of the box, lingard volley. Lingard pass, Ibrahimovic edge of the area the first time low shot in the lower right corner is zieler brave rescued. Gray world wave相关的主题文章: