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"The pillow 2" Xue Wenjun for the first time to shock the big screen game staged ghost Wars – Sohu Xue Wenjun entertainment and red ghost staged war game Xue Wenjun first appeared in the horror scene of small bell Gunpa bitter shouting struggling Sohu entertainment directed by renowned director Zhao Xiaoxi, Xue Wenjun, Tian Jiada, Zhao Huixian starred in the thriller film "my face" will be 2 in October 28th Halloween stall national release, the film side recently released a series of posters and trailers, the thriller far more than 1 "pillow" texture, one of the 5 day countdown poster is causing users concern, a small bell poster as Xue Wenjun, with vivid panic like the show, seems to be red and behind the "ghost" staged a war game, although it is the first shock the big screen, the sincerity of Xue Wenjun show, plus always Panic Online acting, making The audience look forward to feeling overwhelmed. People easily after hard Xue Wenjun: play a small bell must be a detail control as 80 faction niche, although Xue Wenjun starred in many film and television dramas, but the electric shock to the big screen for the first time, in the film, Xue Wenjun plays a large number of small bell inside play, he loves Lian Yuanyuan, because of poor expression, so when he found my alone late at night action could lead to team members were injured due to expose her not to tangle anguish, and ambiguous when others found my lonely and sad secretly leave, but was entangled red ghost. How to make the performance of the character, vivid interpretation of the inner character, the challenge is greater than for Xue Wenjun attempt, in addition to do your homework in advance, the filming process timely and director and shooting team communication details, he also shot a day after the end of recording diary to find problems, seriously try to figure out, repeatedly thinking, hope to be able to make a small this clock characters depict more full and vivid. The scene picture too child can not bear to look the same talk about ghost mosquito discoloration mosquito: blame me? In the film, one of the most thrilling P scene is in the fog of the jungle, a small bell and red ghosts staged a drama war game, in order to show the real visual effect, Xue Wenjun is in the filming process suffered, foggy deep plexus forest, fog, mud, fell, screaming the clothes are wet, and dry, dirt is again sprinkled with, rolled up, screaming again and again??? Provoked director and onlookers have said: "the masses" child can not bear to look into the picture too. While the summer season of the jungle night, it is more difficult than overcome these difficult to avoid mosquito bites, full arm bitten red is ridicule with the makeup of the big bite goose bumps". "My face 2" in addition to the horror stories and weird music scene, clever blend, pay more attention to the overall texture, setting a reasonable grasp of large scale terrorist lens and the plot of the story is added to the mystique of the film and the horror atmosphere. In the struggle, nightmare, suspense, kill, death and other horror elements, folk customs to create strange reproduction, bizarre ghost wonders pillow. The film will be on October 28th landing in theaters nationwide.相关的主题文章: