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"The withdrawal of the deployment decision is the only effective way" – International – scan two-dimensional code to see more content of the South Korean Defense Ministry announced in September 30th will be "Sade" anti missile system deployed to determine the "final" as announced in Gyeongbuk County, Wisconsin golf course after the news, immediately triggered many South Korean civic groups and new religious groups a round of protests, South Korean opposition parties also proposed consistent criticism of the deployment of the "Sade". September 30th at noon, the reporter saw in the South Korean Defense Department, many police strictly guarded, and began to set up the multilayer wire mesh in front of the door to prevent protesters near. About 1:30 in the afternoon, jointly set up by South Korean civic groups "against the deployment of" Sade "National Alliance" to protest in front of the defense ministry, people hold against "Sade" slogans, shouting slogans demanding the government to withdraw the decision to deploy. Since the South Korean government announced in July 13th will be "Sade" deployed in Gyeongbuk Seongju star hill fort since Wisconsin residents strongly protests have never stopped. Under pressure, the South Korean Defense Ministry in late August, elected in the county, the golf course, tired of vulgar mountain and magpie hill and other 3 candidates were investigated, and finally selected, golf course. Although the South Korean government said the replacement of "Sade" deployment is to eliminate people’s dissatisfaction, however, South Korea protests "Sade" sound is not calm. In Seongju golf course, the deployment of the "Sade" radar will be towards the direction of Kimcheon City, Kimcheon City, the residents of this strong protest so far has held more than 1 people in opposition to the deployment of "Sade" mobilization meeting, and held a candlelight vigil. September 30th, South Korean defense officials went to Kimcheon to change the decision to de Sade deployment, but local officials refused to meet. "South Korea does not have the best deployment of ‘Sade’, and the only effective way is to withdraw the deployment decision." "" Sade "opposition to the deployment of National Union" in front of the defense ministry said in a statement read out, the South Korean government is ignoring the people’s life safety, ignoring the deterioration of relations with neighboring countries, forcing the deployment of "Sade", undermine regional peace, this is absolutely intolerable, must stop the deployment in South Korea "sade". In the end is the deployment of Sade in order to protect their safety?" South Korean female students Zheng Youling said indignantly in protests, whether Wisconsin or Kimcheon, anywhere in South Korea are not suitable for the deployment of "sade". Many experts have argued in South Korea South Korea deploy "Sade" and can not defend the safety of South Korean Defense Ministry, but totally ignored these sounds, it is to persist in wilfully and arbitrarily deployment, in order to protect the National Defense Department, or to protect the U.S. Department of defense? On the afternoon of September 30th, one of the five major religions in Korea, Buddhism, held a protest against "Sade" before the defense department. (Seoul, September 30,  );   "people’s Daily" (01 October 2016 03 Edition) read (commissioning editor: Bai Yu)相关的主题文章: