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The man ignited "earth bomb" police body pressure of explosives and wounded – Sohu news scene after the explosion of the housing, telephoto Wu Jun was still in the ICU Ren Daoyuan photo Beijing, Huanggang in February 19,   (Guo Zihua Pi Shuguang Ren Daoyuan) February 19th, Hubei Huanggang Xishui County police Wu Jun was still lying on the third people’s Hospital of Wuhan city in icu. He plastered his face with bandages. 9 days ago, when he was dealing with a police situation, he used his body to hold down the explosive, and his body burns up to 14%. Police, February 10th (Lunar New Year), Xishui County pagoda village 42 year old villager Wu, because the early grudges fellow villagers Jeong wounded, and then hide into the house, move to the alarming police threw explosives. Xishui County Public Security Bureau secret service team leader Wu Jun received instructions, leading the secret service team rushed to the scene support. Wu Jun learned that after investigation, Wu hiding in the house, left hand holding a wood cutting knife, the upper part of the body wrapped around a circle of wire, chest hung a suspected homemade "bomb", a hand in the lead. Wu’s sick mother is still lying in the next room. Police and village cadres communicate with Wu, Wu emotional, claiming to ignite the bomb". After discussion, decided to break through the back door. When Wu Jun took the lead in opening the back door, he happened to be discovered by wu. Wu immediately lit the lead on the body, ran toward the corner of the room. And in that corner, fireworks and crackers piled up. Wu Jun quickly ran to Wu, and shouted to the players at the back: "I’ll come, you all go out and call the people outside, don’t come in……" Wu Jun chest blocked up, trying to put out the light of lead, while his hands tied in the lead fast disassembly Wu who. But Wu kept twisting the body, struggling to run back. Wu Jun and the special service team, Chen Liang and others put Wu down to the ground, the fuse is also burned at the moment. To prevent the explosion expansion, Wu Jun with the body to suppress explosives, tied to the Wu who "bomb" exploded. The reinforcements dragged Wu and his mother out of the house. The fireworks were not lit, and no one was injured near the village. According to the introduction, after the trauma treatment, Wu’s life is not serious, but Wu Jun’s abdomen, back, face, there are more than 30 different levels of burns, burns area of 14%. 10, 12 Xu, Wu Jun was sent to Huanggang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine for treatment, and later deterioration, 17 was transferred to the third people’s Hospital of Wuhan burn department. Wu Jun, 41 years old, attended the police for 18 years, previously worked at the local police station. In 2015 due to police skills, he was transferred to the newly established special teams presided over the work. 男子引燃“土炸弹” 民警身压爆炸物排险负伤-搜狐新闻 现场爆炸后的房屋 任道远 摄 吴俊仍躺在重症监护室 任道远 摄   中新网黄冈2月19日电  (郭子华 皮曙光 任道远)2月19日,湖北黄冈浠水县特警吴俊仍躺在武汉市第三人民医院重症监护室。  他面部涂满膏药,双手缠着绷带。9天前,他在处理一起警情时,用身体压住爆炸物,全身灼伤面积达14%。  民警介绍,2月10日(农历大年初三),浠水县宝塔村42岁村民吴某,因早年积怨把同村村民郑某打伤,而后躲入屋内,向前来处警的民警投掷爆炸物。  浠水县公安局特勤队负责人吴俊接到指令后,带领特勤队员赶到现场支援。吴俊侦查后了解到,吴某躲在屋内,左手拿着一把砍柴刀,上身缠了一圈圈引线,胸前挂着一个疑似自制的“土炸弹”,一只手拉在引线处。吴某生病的母亲还躺在隔壁房间。  民警和村干部与吴某沟通,吴某情绪激动,声称要点燃“炸弹”。大家商量后,决定从后门强行突破。  吴俊带头悄悄打开后门时,却碰巧被吴某发现。吴某立马点燃了身上的引线,向着房间一角跑去。而那一角,堆放着烟花和爆竹。  吴俊快速跑向吴某,同时对跟在后面的队员大喊道:“我来,你们都快靠后出去,叫外面的人不要进来,危险……”  吴俊用胸膛堵上去,试图扑灭点燃的引线,同时双手快速拆卸绑在吴某身上的引线。但吴某不停扭动身体,挣扎着往里屋跑。  吴俊和赶来的特勤队员陈亮等人把吴某摁倒在地,引线也在此刻燃尽。为防止爆炸扩大,吴俊用身体压住爆炸物,绑在吴某身上的“炸弹”爆炸了。  增援人员把吴某和其母亲拖救出去,屋内的烟花爆竹没有被点燃,周边临近村民无人受伤。  据介绍,经外伤处理后,吴某生命无大碍,但吴俊的腹部、背部、面部却有30多处大小不一的多层次灼伤,灼伤面积达14%。10日12时许,吴俊被送往黄冈市中医院救治,后来伤情恶化,17时又被紧急转往武汉市第三人民医院烧伤科。  吴俊现年41岁,参警18年,此前曾在地方派出所工作。2015年因警事技能突出,他被调入新组建的特勤队主持工作。相关的主题文章: