The local narration in light and light singing — reading the people’s net lformat

Sings light in the local narrative — Reading — original title: sings light in the local description of Jiang Bing from ancient times, poets and artists always use the essence of the text, and create a harmonious world. Prose poetry "national town drunk beauty water" continues this outstanding literary tradition, for the reader to start slowly the poetic picture of the Guangdong river. Drunk into the water, is beautiful, or wine? Like a dream, or both. He Lin’s "dream" for the drunken beauty water we describe the ancient lane old streets: theatre, culture room, home? Boats, sculpture, pavilions, cafes, bars — "rearrange" on time, "Yong Zheng version of auspicious Wai, the reality version of the south of the Five Ridges River," a harmonious water ink painting. "Luo Mingen" of the Tung Chung River, to the East, the Pearl River flows to the sea, to the west,; the birthplace is flung himself into his mother’s arms. Author: Tung Chung River quietly asked how long? History and life in Song flowing and accumulation. Xie Xianyang’s "soul" water to wake up the Pearl River water around the goddess, and poems on Pearl River tour. Henan poet Li Jungong believe that meet the fate, believe in a leaf, a stone, even a grain of soil, there are "on the boat, lion dance, martial arts, song, square dance, private partnership Council legend". Heilongjiang primary school teacher Yu Youxiang Chinese the north and south of the Pearl River for poetry, she was delighted to discover that: Tung Chung is not only a place can slow down, do a butterfly fly slowly "distant dream, and once the ancient waterway Goulian Maritime Silk Road large sail boat. Cai Zongzhou’s "poetry" in Tung Chung a long green corridor, the the Summer Palace, Angkor Wat, Tung Chung is connected with the Zhanjiang harbour promenade walk, firecracker flowers, fragrant grass, green flute leisurely, green Ying ying. Sun Zhonggui’s "Drunken Beauty" green with Tung Chung and answer all all is green, long corridor, green green world; green is the master everywhere; I was green, return to nature. And thus realize: green is a symbol of life, green is the soul of Tung chung. What is "local creation"? What is the expression of local culture? The theory is very hard to define, but I think that some are closely related with the place of birth, childhood memories, ancestral memory, the memory of hometown, and you were born in a traditional culture, longer than through your life, and you must love love obsession about local emotion. When I participated in the discussion of "regional culture" in 1995, I put forward the theory of cultural description". I describe the "description" is a cultural meaning of the description, it requires both the outline of the outline of the image, but also the spirit of the need to absorb. Because I firmly believe that: the accumulation of any regional culture and the formation of the main features are related to its continuous description. Moreover, Guangzhou’s south of the Five Ridges and the North Central Plains culture culture is totally different, not only independent Guangdong and birds’twitter and fragrance of flowers. In this prose poetry, Liu Xiaohong "south of the Five Ridges" will be "water water sentiment sentiment" is defined as: the history and reality of the solemn joy, love and color. Fall and water, intertwined. Yu Xiaohong)相关的主题文章: