The Junli gold hedging cooling power refers to gold and silver bullish bearish asphalt y580

Chai Junli: Gold hedge cool power refers to gold and silver bullish bearish pitch clients view the latest market dollar, coupled with the risk aversion eased, gold and silver prices after the profit decline recently. Yesterday the United States by the president on Monday (February 15th) Hugh, the gold price fluctuation limits the time. On Tuesday the Asian session, the price of gold fell without resistance to further acceleration, fell 1200 mark. The general rise in global stock markets, investors confidence, risk aversion, and last week, the international price of gold was recorded in 7 years the largest single week or after the emergence of profits, the superposition of multiple negative factors caused by gold and silver prices under pressure decline. Gold continues to retreat, since last Friday after the end of the rally, fell sharply on Monday. Yesterday after the rapid decline in gold and the daily chart below the 5 day moving average support, means that the adjustment will deepen. Disk shows, continuous adjustment of gold is very strong, short note to take complete control of the situation, the Bulls did not have any signs of attack and resistance, today will continue to adjust, so today is still high, at least in the adjustment after 3 days adjusted according to the magnitude and intensity to determine whether the adjustment end, very weak in the downstream market that should comply with air based short-term operation. At present, 1200 is not an important juncture, after the early fall, if Europe rebounded to continue to rebound with the empty, 1198-1200 can follow up empty, if below the strong 1190 Powei homeopathic short, short term goals 1180. Ning Guiyin gold price immediately thereafter, but the decline was not so much gold, short term, 3100 has become an important support for short-term silver, gold from the intensity and magnitude of adjustment, the adjustment of gold and silver will likely expand. This week, silver continue to look at the adjustment, the opportunity to do more and the time needed to observe, since the high stage missed opportunities for short, don’t force to low chase empty, and the fluctuation of silver is limited, there is no need to participate in all the support nearby empty single. Even if silver continue to adjust, is expected to rebound in the 3050-3000 region will once again. Short-term operation reference interval 3100-3200 high sell low residue can be. Ninggui asphalt continued strong, early today still maintain a strong pattern, the daily chart after the price on the 10 day moving average means that the rebound will continue, pulled up after overnight, today morning gapped to go, days there are further signs of high impact. Asphalt during the new year after bottoming out strong, although not confirmed 2500 is at the bottom of asphalt, but the short-term bottom has basically been determined, the bottom is at the bottom of the history, is a golden bottom. Today the short-term callback 2900 line continue to rise, after the bottom of the market rebound, the Mo eager to guess the top, this week after delivery, expected price of asphalt will launch a substantial rebound. By then, will be the real asphalt bargain. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate your own risk.

柴俊理金:避险降温助力美指金银看空沥青看涨 客户端 查看最新行情   美元走强,加之避险情绪有所缓解,金银价格获利后近日出现回落。昨日美国因总统日周一(2月15日)休市,限制了美国时段的金价波动。而周二亚洲时段,金价进一步加速下跌,毫无抵抗地失守1200关口。全球股市普遍上涨,投资者信心恢复,避险情绪降温,加之上周国际金价录得7年来最大单周涨幅后,出现获利了结,多重利空因素叠加致金银价格承压下滑。   黄金延续回撤之势,自上周五终结涨势之后,本周一展开大幅回落。昨日黄金快速回落并跌破日线图5日均线支撑之后,意味着调整将加深。盘面显示,黄金调整的连续性非常强,说明空头完全掌控局面,多头没有任何反攻和抵抗的迹象,今日将延续调整,所以今日依然是高空为主,最起码在调整3日之后再根据调整的幅度和力度才能决定调整是否结束,极弱下行行情中,短线操作应顺势跟空为主。目前来看,1200已经不是重要关口,早盘下跌之后,欧盘若反弹无力,需继续跟空为主,反弹1198-1200即可跟进空单,下方若强势破位1190顺势做空,目标短线看1180。   宁贵银价格紧随黄金其后,不过跌幅并没有黄金那么大,短期来看,3100成为短期白银的重要支撑,从黄金调整的力度和幅度来看,金银的调整幅度将有可能扩大。本周,白银继续看调整为主,做多的机会和时间点还需观察,既然错过了阶段性高点的做空机会,就不要再勉强去低位追空,加之白银波动有限,所有没有必要参与支撑位附近的空单。即使白银继续调整,预计在3050-3000区域必将再一次反弹。短线操作可参考区间3100-3200高沽低渣即可。   宁贵沥青继续走强,今日早盘依然维持强势格局,日线图价格站上10日均线之后就意味着反弹将延续,隔夜拉高之后,今日早盘跳空高开高走,日内还有进一步冲高的迹象。沥青新年期间触底之后走强,目前虽不能确认2500就是沥青的底部,但短期底部基本已经确定,这个底部是历史性底部,是一次千载难逢的底部。今日短线回调2900一线继续看涨为主,触底之后的反弹行情,莫急于猜顶,本周交割之后,预计沥青价格将会展开大幅度反弹。届时,将是真正的沥青抄底机会。 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章: