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The "long five" flying cannot do without the requirement of zero defect is the founder of the original title: Chinese story: "long five" flying cannot do without the requirement of "zero defect" the founder of Chinese youth network in Beijing on 4 November, 20:43 last night, China newly developed maximum thrust rocket Long March five in Hainan Wenchang space launch site launch. With the success of the first flight, the long march five also completed a qualitative leap, a substantial increase in the ability of our country to enter the space, the Chinese rocket into the world mainstream rocket camp! Long march five launch moment. Source: Xinhua, however, do you believe it? The Chinese first satellite launch vehicle "Long March" in heaven, before the rocket was ordered to develop, basically did not come into contact with this knowledge, he is an expert in thermal power plant power generation! He led the team to start empty-handed, with the development of the rocket "zero defect" stubborn "without war", to create China’s rocket history! Look for nothing to do, must be "zero defect" back in 1949, the establishment of the new Chinese, let us continue to prepare for his PhD, resolutely made home application. At that time, the United States government in order to prevent Chinese students returning home, put forward many favorable conditions. In contrast, the Chinese can only give each poor and blank treatment 300 kilograms of millet. In 1950, from the United States to take the "Cleveland president" cruise on board a Chinese return. Source: Xinhua returned home, he was arranged to report to a secret unit. Went to know that this unit is to be a launch vehicle, launch satellites. It’s just incredible for a person who doesn’t have any rocket expertise. Accept the new task, he did not mind at the end. But he knew that at the time of the international isolation, blockade of China, only the first to have their own deterrent, in order to secure a peaceful development environment. Look, nothing to do! He led a group of young people with an average age of 21 years with little technical background, and from time to time they faced new things that they had never even touched. No previous experience, there is no real grasp at all, by virtue of a country’s aerospace industry heroic passion and courage to explore the vigor and vitality, he led us to learn on the job, Yiwufangu began a bold attempt to eat. Even in this case, Wang Xiji is still strict with everyone, we will not? That can’t lower the standard! He said: "all studies have to do" zero defect ", otherwise all the results are zero!" He is often the first night to chew the book, second days to teach everyone. No computer, his team is replaced by a roomful of hand calculator, used to calculate the paper piled higher than the desk, sometimes even simply abacus, "3", 24 hours a month, finally calculates a trajectory to! Although the conditions are difficult, but each step in advance has been carefully designed, there are drawings, calculations, procedures, but also a password, the project is a step every step of the plan相关的主题文章: