The first round of the US Open for two consecutive years to send out Ivan halep sweep cut eggs borderland

The first round of the US Open for two consecutive years to send out Ivan halep egg sweep cut (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing on August 31st news, the 2016 U.S. open into the second match day. In the women’s singles first round of the contest, Czech Al Tova players in the first set to resolve the inventory, with 7-6 (4) 6-1 upset victory over former world number one Ivanovic, advanced to the second round. No. 5 seed Halep’s performance is strong, the Romania girl took only an hour to 6-0 6-2 swept Philip Jenkins, made a good start. Since after her marriage with Schweinsteiger, Ivanovic’s performance is just passable. But today the face of a Letuowa, Serbia beauty start made a break and 2-0 lead. Czech girl Baofa reduce errors to recover a bureau, but Ivanovic in resolving the three break points, to continue to lead 3-1. After after the stages of the stalemate, tenacious, Letuowa when 3-5 backwardness after two, put up into the score level 5-5. The critical moment Ivanovic again made the break to lead 6-5 into the second ball wins disk bureau. However, Letuowa has tenacity in saving an inventory is achieved after the break back, and finally in snatches in seven to reverse the 7-4 made the first victory. Feel less, Letuowa in the first game will rely on a strong offensive made the break, then resist Ivanovic’s counterattack, established the 2-0 lead. To improve the quality of the offense Ivanovic sent Love Game to recover a game, but rely on a strong hair as a cover of the same Al Tova Paul, continue to lead 3-1. Firepower Czech girl then rely on large angle to mobilize the bottom line once again broke Ivanovic’s serve, resist the former world number one back in the hands of the advantages of Letuowa o have come to 5-1. This game also lost suspense, eventually the Bureau missed Ivanovic at the end of the disk to serve again after the break, we lost the game by 1-6. Halep today’s opponent is Philip Jenkins ranked 56 in the world, who scored the semifinal, strength can not be ignored. But in today’s contest, halep in the first game with the obvious advantages of the bottom line attack made a break, then withstood the pressure of security, established a 2-0 lead. More completely suppressed Belgian girl mistakes, serve also fall again. Easy to get the service of the 5 seed to 4-0 far ahead. Philip Jenkins constantly mistakes then again lose serve, against the two break point pressure Baofa halep to 6-0 easily won the first victory. Chase the halep and completed the break at the start of the second set, then four straight ball Baofa established a 2-0 lead. Firepower Romania girl once again break succeeded, withstand the opponent’s counterattack, she will take advantage to 4-0. Losing the fifth game, Philip Jenkins reached behind inferior 0-5 finally put aside the pressure, then resolve the Belgian girl after completion of the first match point Baofa, finally took the first game after the start of the bureau. Comfort boost morale Philip Nicks completed the hair)相关的主题文章: