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Learning how to make a successful lead capture page is the foundation of generating leads for your MLM or network marketing business. Even if your MLM .pany has already provided you with capture pages to use in their own already-done-for-you automated marketing system, you should learn these key features so that you know whether or not those capture pages were created correctly, and if they weren’t, you know how to make your own capture page so you don’t have to rely on something that won’t work. A capture pages exists for the sole purpose of converting visitors into leads. You want your visitors to face a choice: leave their contact information (opt-in) and get to the other side, or exit the page and lose it forever. If they choose not to opt in, that’s okay. They aren’t the people you are looking for to join your business. Element 1: Your Target Market Before you can write any copy worthy of attracting someone to your offer, you have to figure out who you are going to target. Successful marketing consists of the right message to the right audience. You could have the perfect message but if you are writing to the wrong people, no one will care. A good example of why it’s important to know who your target market is demonstrated here through the wrong target market – you will never sell a steak to vegetarians, so if you are a butcher you would never bother placing ads on a website or forum dedicated to this dietary lifestyle. Once you decide who your target market is, then you can begin writing. Element 2: Target-specific Headline In making your lead capture page, the headline is of utmost importance. Once you’ve decided who your target market is, your headline should be attention-grabbing by addressing a need that they have, it must indicate that you have the solution to that need, and you must do it within 4-12 words, which should include some key words or key word phrases that the search engines will pick up. It must peak their interest to read further; if it does not, they will most likely leave your page. Element 3: Writing Copy that Builds Upon the Interest Generated by the Headline Developing the actual body content can be a daunting task. Think of the body of your lead capture page as an addition to your headline. Since your headline has pulled your visitor in, now it’s the written copy’s turn to build interest in your offer and discuss the benefits a person receives by opting into your list. Your body paragraphs should be brief and concise. One easy way to develop tight copy is to use bullet points that demonstrate the key benefits and features of your offer. Bullet points are effective because they are easy for the reader to understand and will keep your visitor’s eyes moving down the page. One more noteworthy thought on writing good copy: provide them with the benefits of your product, service, or business, not the features. To illustrate this idea, if you were selling brooms, you would not talk about the bristle type or number of bristles in the broom, those are the features of the broom. Instead, you would write about how clean their floors will be if they use this broom. Element 4: The Ethical Bribe Is that an oxymoron, you ask? Actually, no, in lead generation marketing this concept DOES exist. In other words, you offer them something of value in exchange for something from them – their contact information. That’s where an opt-in form .es in, and it is tied into an autoresponder that captures the information they provide, then creates a database of all leads generated from the capture page so that you can continue to market to them. The value you offer them can take the form of a free report, a free subscription to your newsletter, or a video series educating them more on the topic in which they have expressed interest. It is important that you realize the key to making a successful lead capture page is to create an irresistible bribe; in other words, one that is so good, your prospects can’t resist opting in. The more valuable your bribe, the better response you’ll receive. I want to emphasize that THESE are the people you want to speak to, because they have taken an action step to learn more about your product, service or business. These people have raised their hand and said, "I want in." With this one valuable step you have just easily and automatically eliminated all the people who would .pletely waste your time in the one-on-one training model, if they would have even shown up for your presentation, and that’s exactly what we want! QUALITY leads ONLY! So, take some time to .e up with what you want to offer as your ethical bribe. Make sure that it is packed with great value, and delivers ten times what your MLM leads expect. OVER DELIVER and your MLM leads will turn into raving fans of you and your business. Element 5: The Privacy Statement The privacy statement is that couple of lines at the bottom of your lead capture page that makes your visitors feel confident about joining your list. Failing to include this little piece of information is a HUGE mistake and could end up costing you a lot of subscribers. A perfect example of a respectable privacy policy/statement is the one I have displayed on my own opt-in form in the right-hand column of my blog: "I respect your privacy and DO NOT tolerate spam. Countless home business owners have already benefited from my revolutionary information, and you can safely do so too." The main thing is to let your visitors know that you will not be sharing or distributing their info so they can submit their contact information in confidence. Those are the main elements that must be included when you make your own lead capture page, or in the case of MLM/Network Marketing .panies who have already provided you with automated marketing tools, those are the main elements you must look for in their already-made lead capture pages. Just so you know, I practice what I preach; the lead capture page is an essential part of my automated marketing system. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: