Thanksgiving Day parade is held in Chengdu in New York to promote tourism officials as Panda

Thanksgiving Day parade is held news agency officials in Chengdu as in New York panda tourism promotion on 24 November, in New York (reporter Liao Pan) 24 days of thanksgiving for parade held in New York. Chinese "Tianfu Chengdu panda hometown theme floats in the event of a debut, officials from Chengdu Panda Play local tourism propaganda. The same day, nearly 10000 people marching from New York Manhattan 81 street and Central Park West Road intersection, after Columbo ring square, to the south of Central Park, along Sixth Avenue, arrive at the end point of Messi Department store. As of this year, only has China elements of the theme floats, "Tianfu Chengdu panda hometown theme floats with its strong ethnic characteristics and the Chengdu tourism elements, become the parade highlights. The float, director of the Chengdu Municipal Tourism Bureau Doo Aa M to wear special clothing, playing panda, she stood on the float, the unique tourism resources to New York residents publicity of the land of abundance. In addition to the panda elements, with thousands of years of history of the ancient capital "Jinsha" around the city to float around, and makes the land of abundance water conservancy project in Dujiangyan and famous Taoist culture in Qingchengshan, the four major elements in Chengdu are concentrated in a float is presented to the audience. Float everywhere, the shutter sound constantly. Duoyangnamu interviewed expressed the hope that through this event, with the help of the international mainstream platform and new media platform, so that people around the world enjoy the deep fusion of natural and cultural landscape of the city of Chengdu. The parade, with Sichuan style of folk performances, Sichuan opera face a debut. "Our company this time. 10 people come to the United States to perform, cruise along the way can feel the passion of the American people, I hope they are interested in Chinese traditional Sichuan Opera culture." Live performances of Pan family class Sichuan Opera Troupe official told the China News Agency reporter. Chinese Consul General in New York Zhang Qiyue said that this year is the year of China and the United States, is expected to travel to New York this year, more than 900 thousand. Next year we will hold more tourism related activities. (end)相关的主题文章: