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Holidays Every year friends and family members gather across the United States to spend at least one day together, Thanksgiving. E cards celebrating Turkey Day can help those who cannot travel still feel involved and connected with the family. And, if your family is anything like mine, this isnt entirely a bad thing. Ah, family: the ties that bond and gag. It seems these ties be.e even more apparent around the holidays, when we gather together with the people we love, who may also often annoy the crap out of us. Personally, I love many of my own crazy familys traditions. I love watching football, making pumpkin pie and saying something innocent that sends Aunt Lu storming out of the dining room to sit in her car for a half hour. Sure, my family isnt picture perfect. We show our best, and our worst, sides on Thanksgiving. E cards that embrace this holiday with a sense of humor help me laugh about the craziness that I know awaits my kitchen, dining room and mental health each November. Thanksgiving eCards are electronic greetings available on the internet that use flash animation, sound effects and witty writing in order to wish every turkey lover a happy holiday. Selected and sent in just minutes, these notes are easy to receive and enjoy over and over again. They promise to make every celebration just a little better. They also lift the mood if you celebrate with a bunch of crazies like I do. Consider, for instance, the card I sent to my sister last year. My favorite part of this message was the Thanksgiving eCards recordable feature. The graphics depict a delightful turkey, standing before a traditional holiday spread. I was able to download my own recorded message to the site, which then used my words with the note. The final result was that my personalized message was spoken from the turkeys mouth once the card began to play. Here is what I said: This is an emotional holiday. People travel thousands of miles to be with people they only see once a year. And then discover once a year is way too often. Just remember its worth the Christmas presents! My message makes this one of the funniest Thanksgiving eCards Ive ever sent. See, its no secret in our family that Grandma uses the early holidays as a barometer for her gift-giving at the end of the year. She orders gifts from the home shopping network throughout the summer and evenly divides them up per family. Then she continues to re-divide them throughout the remainder of the year based on how appropriate she perceives our behaviors to be. Of course, Ive already landed on her good side by sending Thanksgiving eCards. Anne and Joe taking the kids to Disneyland instead of bringing them over for weekend though? There go their presents into Bob and Renaes pile. Just like watching TV, if Grandma sees something she doesnt like, she just changes the channel. And she doesnt like it when people dont show up for Thanksgiving. E cards have already ensured that my kids get their personalized sweat suits and porcelain dolls .e December. Of course, crazy as they may be, I do love the whole nutty brood that fills up the house each Thanksgiving. And eCards are really all about love. We send these messages because we cherish one another, we enjoy each others quirks andin the spirit of the holidaywe are grateful to be a part of each others lives. Holiday greetings let others know that you care about them, even if the last time you were together they got too drunk and told you how much they hate your shoes. For those who gather, and for those who risk Grandmas wrath by not attending Thanksgiving, E cards help keep us closer together this time of year. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: