Starbucks recently suffered controversy in the end Yuanbu yuan more sincere less routine superrecovery

Starbucks recently suffered controversy in the end Yuanbu yuan? More sincere less routine western saying goes: the devil is in the details. Whatever you do, take care of all the details, or you’ll get into trouble. These two days, famous brand Starbucks because of the details of the service, suffered an unexpected controversy at the weekend, an article entitled "Starbucks Chinese CEO Wang Jingying open letter: what time do not feel in the cup of customer ignorance or stupidity? Article brush burst a lot of people’s circle of friends, the amount of reading quickly 100 thousand +, micro-blog has a lot of big V have forwarded, causing a lot of comments. After the event fermentation, Starbucks quickly reply to the author, said it would further enhance the level of service. Here is the truth, Hangzhou consumers Lin Guotong, coffee cup in the Starbucks coffee shop to buy in Hangzhou Shuangcheng international, the waiter two consecutive confirmation request, and began to recommend a 20 percent off chance to buy cake". Lin Guotong think this should not be carried out such low-end promotions, the public number in WeChat issued a document tucao. The user’s point of view is not consistent, some people think that this is often a Starbucks offensive, but also some people think it is necessary for the company to train the project, is a common business routines, understandable. A single point to confirm and sell the waiter not to mind taking the trouble, may be questionable, if the waiter’s language and lack of sincere attitude and just perfunctory, consumers do not bother to blame. Some netizens said that the initiative to recommend the clerk, in fact, did not aim at the personalized needs of the guests, but in the rigid marketing words. Plainly, not heart service, just show enthusiasm, is the real reason for Lin Guotong’s angry letter. Coincidentally, many netizens commented, such as Watsons and many supermarkets and other enterprises, there is a similar phenomenon. It seems that how to strengthen the marketing training at the same time, improve the level of service and quality, improve marketing skills, with sincerity rather than mechanical rigid service to impress consumers, is a common topic for all enterprises. In fact, in this regard, domestic enterprises are also exemplary. For example, service known sea fishing, can make consumers across the country. The service is the secret weapon of sincere heart. From another perspective, consumers are increasingly critical of Starbucks services, is not a bad thing. Only a short while ago, Starbucks for some people, is synonymous with "style", how many people of their flock, drink a cup of coffee to take pictures made circle of friends, where the details of care service. In the age of globalization, "monk" relying on the brand effect has not baodatianxia, consumers fresh on brand in the past, and details of the service more stringent, improve the quality of products and services, is the only proper course to take enterprise tide stand.相关的主题文章: