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Health If you’re searching for high-quality wax accessories and do not look forward to spending hours shopping for specific items, Alexander’s Aesthetics Az is the easy one-stop shop for you. Based in Arizona and California, Alexander’s Aesthetics is home to a wide range of professional waxes, wax accessories, and salon accessories from all over the world. Included in the Alexander’s Aesthetics Az collection of waxes and wax accessories are top branded products from reputed manufacturers such as Cirepil and Escential. In addition, this leading retailer of waxes, wax accessories, skincare products, and salon accessories represents renowned manufacturers such as Dr. Schwab, Refectocil, and PFB. Alexander’s Aesthetics Az is also proud of their supply of disposables and spa products, truly offering every aesthetic good you require. One of the many highlights of the Alexander’s Aesthetics Az collection of waxes and wax accessories is Cirepil Blue Wax. Sold in a 14 oz tin with a 28 oz bag of refillable beads, it is respected and endorsed by aestheticians and skincare professionals all around the globe. The reasons for its popularity lie in one defining characteristic. Cirepil Blue is capable of encapsulating the hair without affecting the skin. As a result, offering the Cirepil Blue for your client’s waxing needs, can guarantee them a smooth and silky result while leaving their skin entirely unscathed. Cirepil Blue can be used over the entire body, but is best for facial waxing, underarms, Brazilian, and bikini waxing. No hair length is too long or short for this internationally renowned wax. The Alexander’s Aesthetics Az collection of waxes and wax accessories also include Cirepil Ease Wax, designed for dry skin and fine hair. It can be used on large areas of the body such as arms, legs, back, or chest. Another prime offering from the Cirepil line of waxes and wax accessories on the Alexander’s Aesthetics Az roster is the Nacree Blanche Wax. Suited for dry and sensitive skin, this microcrystalline concoction is capable of working on all hair textures. Applied in a thin layer, the Nacree Blanche offers a smooth, residue-free wax. Other Cirepil products sold by Alexander’s Aesthetics Az include Cristal Ocean, a fantastic choice for clients with sensitive skin or allergies, and Forte Wax for those with oily skin. True to their manufacturer’s reputation, all these waxes come with the promise of a high-quality, smooth, and residue-free end result. In addition to its extensive selection of internationally-renowned waxes, Alexander’s Aesthetics Az is also home to wax accessories such as oils, gels, and lotions. These include such products as the Cirepil After-Waxing Gel made from soothing plant extracts and known for leaving a cool, fresh sensation on your skin. Other wax accessories sold by Alexander’s Aesthetics Az include the Rosewater Cleanser and Jasmine Oil manufactured by Escential, another leading manufacturer of wax and wax accessories. Both of these items are meant for application on the skin before the initiation of the waxing process. With these and many other waxes and wax accessories to offer, Alexander’s Aesthetics Az has everything you need to provide your clients with salon equipment and supplies of the highest quality. For more information on high quality wax accessories, visit alexanders-az. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: