Sober Living By The Seas Treatment

Medicine Dealing with a tedious problem like that of drug addiction, needs a professional help with a state-of-art infrastructure. We at Sober living by the sea have taken utmost care for establishing a facility that is life-changing. We believe in making our clients feel pampered and relaxed while imparting the world class treatment to them. This thought of ours has helped us successfully treat many individuals suffering from Alcoholism, Drug Addiction or Eating Disorders and Dual Diagnosis for over 23 years. We know that every individual has unique requirements. That is why we offer a network of luxurious treatment facilities and rehab facilities in Orange County and Greater southern California. Our staff is attentive and uses a variety of the latest and most advanced treatment facilities. We believe that putting our clients in a gender specific facility will help in getting over the addiction effectively. We have different treatment facilities for men and women, where they are treated for getting over their addiction or other disorders. Our rehab facilities for women are The Rose for Women, a 30-day drug and alcohol treatment located in the serene beachside community of Newport Beach, and The Victorian Newport Beach for Women, a safe and supportive treatment center for women over 18 suffering from eating disorders. It is also one of the most leading treatment facilities. The Victorian of Newport Beach is an exclusive and beautiful Victorian style facility located blocks from the Pacific Ocean and Lido Island in Orange County, California. There is separate treatment and rehab facility for men. The Landing for Men, drug and alcohol treatment program that is very luxurious and private. It also offers many activities such as gym, educational lectures, kung fu, golf etc. Sunrise Recovery Ranch for Men, an acclaimed thirty day all male residential primary care drug treatment facilities . This riverside facility is known for its high success rate and close monitoring. Clients at Sunrise Recovery Ranch are required to participate in recovery activities from 6:00 AM until 10:30 PM 5 days a week, and on the weekends have some supervised time to themselves between groups, lectures, and recovery meetings. The Ranch is known for its disciplined housekeeping requirements which build the client’s strength toward setting and achieving goals. Sunrise Ranch has built a reputation for effectively treating men suffering from heroin addiction, cocaine addiction, and alcoholism. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: