Small and good wear shoes away!

Small and good wear shoes away! The road of life is not so easy, so you need a good pair of shoes to make the journey more fun." This sentence: "sex and the city" CarrieCarrie seems to can become a "centipede fine" have reason to buy shoes, indeed, buy a bag of clothes for a relatively comfortable and fashionable shoes is really can not be met, if a hard phase results Mandaijie models that simply want to hit die, in order to prevent the occurrence of "tragedy", today specially for everyone picked several there are no explosion of flats have a niche brand, high-heeled shoes, of course, in line with the principle of good wear comfort, high heels are all very beautiful with a ~common projectsCommon crude Projects from New York’s young designer brand the product is very simple, even the wind, do not appear to minimalist shoes brand logo, but instead of giving a unique sense of the silt but don’t dye. The sole symbol of the entire shoe is the "424" structure of the digital code, which represents the number of shoes, shoes and color. It can be said that each pair of Common Projects is the world’s unique existence. Common Projects founder Peter Poopat and Flavio Girolami to do this pair of shoes is the original intention of "old-fashioned" sounds quite like this is all business man’s intention is to find their own love XX, Peter Poopat and Flavio Girolami the same, they always wanted a pair of leather shoes is between the shoes and shoes, which can meet the work when wearing and not too rigid, therefore, in 2004 released the first named Achilles and low white tennis shoes. Common Projects has been adhering to the minimalist comfort concept, made of leather and rubber from Italy’s finest, comfort to wear shoes than without shoes is comfortable "TheynewyorkNew York! Like Common Projects from New York, the style is somewhat similar, are taking the simple route, but compared to Common Projects in the extreme cold They, New York is a simple wind line cutting and splicing blocks to build a fun. It is said that inspired by the German Bauhaus and Japanese style building, the pursuit of simple sense of neat, very modern fashion sense. Use good cortex, comfortable and durable. Color only black, white, pink and nude. Shoes tend to neutral, so men and women can easily control, whether it is the same with the other half of the same color or different color with different models, can do a low and harmonious couple dress up. Each pair of shoes GIF 86KThey New York, click the play is hand-made, with full leather sewing, founder of the brand has 30 years of Japanese shoe shoe business experience, so in the shoe-making process completely is the top level. Feiyue is challenging Co~相关的主题文章: