Shu Wang generalized interview may provide unlimited imagination for gigolos

Shu Wang: generalized interview may provide unlimited artist Wang Guangyi’s highly anticipated "the third Nanjing international art exhibition will be opened in the 100 Lake Museum next Saturday to imagine. The art exhibition by the famous curator and critic LV Peng LED general curator, Lady Chi A lagalia joint exhibition, will bring great international atmosphere for art lovers feast of art. In the third Nanjing international art exhibition, contemporary art is a very important part. It is reported that Zhang Xiaogang, Wang Guangyi, and other contemporary Chinese art leader of the United States will be involved in which the people of the world in which to participate in the arts, such as the Chinese contemporary art leader, and so on, and so on. Recently, the art exhibition has entered the stage of the exhibit wildly beating gongs and drums. We are in the baijiahu art museum is the exhibition of Wang Guangyi conducted an exclusive interview. Babylon world map reporter: the art exhibition, bringing you is a what kind of work? Wang Guangyi: this piece is called "all over the world, belongs to the king", is a piece composed of pictures, images and neon comprehensive works. The picture is my collection of dozens of different countries, different times of the map, is my image on the history of land border issues, including the old imperialism, such as Britain, Portugal and Spain re edited for colonial expansion behavior data sheet. Between the map and the image, I use neon lights to link up the names of the 240 countries and regions in the world. Reporter: the focus of the work is the map, which is on the border. So how to understand this work? Wang Guangyi: geopolitics is a very important issue in the world at present, a lot of disputes are caused by. My work presents a state of dispute over thousands of years. "All over the world belongs to the king," this sentence from Book of Songs, is the history of Xiaoya, thought — some Dynasty kings don’t talk about the country, talk about the world, it is important to the idea of the. I think this kind of Chinese world outlook is worth considering. About seven or eight years ago, I hope to show "all over the world belongs to the king," this sentence makes me feel, but has not found the right way to translate my thoughts of art. Later, I found a lot of information on the map, it is interesting to find that in various historical periods, the country’s numerous versions of the map on the boundaries of the description is completely different, so I decided to present this. "All over the world, is the" I is as an artist of a thought for resolving the border issue, this is a kind of new world order imagination. The "world map" in the The Classic of the Great Wilderness reporter: is this your first time to participate in the "Nanjing International Art Exhibition", what do you know about art? Wang Guangyi: I’ve heard about this exhibition before, and I know that the scale and influence are not small. This time to participate in, mainly because the chief curator Lu Peng invited. Lu and I have known each other for many years, and have a good understanding of each other’s ideas. The theme of this art exhibition is "HISTORICODE: depression and supply", which is also consistent with my work, and I stand in a vague way to bring in the subject. Reporter: I heard that you will be held in Wuhan, a large exhibition – save the number相关的主题文章: