Shijiazhuang is now longevity village 80 years of age and older people have more than 118 people 9c8921

Shijiazhuang is now the "longevity village": 80 years old 118 Niu Jia Zhuang village committee director Gong Xun visited centenarians. Wang Tianyi photo Shijiazhuang, September, 15 (reporter Xiao Guangming) and the Mid Autumn Festival is a year when the news of the world, the Chinese people’s Republic of China, the people’s Republic of China in. Just after 10 o’clock in the morning, Niu Jia Zhuang village Ma Xiaojin’s home on the bustling — had sun carrying large gifts has not yet entered the house, great granddaughter would yell up in his arms, clamoring to see her grandmother. The kitchen smell dispersed Braised pork in brown sauce, to add a happy mid autumn festival. The 101 year old Ma Xiaojin, and the other Laowen a 100 year old man Zhao together became the oldest person to cattle village. Like the five generations in the village there are a lot of Niu Jia zhuang. Niu Xiang Niu Jia Zhuang Cun, Zhengding County is located in the southern city of Shijiazhuang, about 4 kilometers from the ancient city of Zhengding, close to 107 National Road, is the period of the Republic of China "Beiyang three" first in Wang Shizhen’s hometown. Over the past 20 years, Niu Jia Zhuang Cun with geographical advantage to the development of economy, the village has registered more than and 150 individual enterprises at present, one million yuan more than more than and 10 enterprises, enterprise assets million has 4, the per capita income in 2011 reached nearly 7000 yuan, is the famous village, rich village. Ma Xiaojin and the village director to communicate. Wang Tianyi photo now, Niu Jia Zhuang Cun, more of a "new name card longevity village". The village has a total of 5852 people, including 2 people over the age of 100, 90 people over the age of 7 people, 80 people over the age of 118." Cattle village "after 85" village director Gong Xun said. Reporter access to relevant information was informed that, in accordance with the provisions of the United Nations, the standard of longevity is to have more than 75 centenarians per million population. According to the international society of natural medicine, 100 thousand people in each of the centenarians have a population of 7 people, you can be rated as the world’s longevity". "The population base of our village is not up to the United Nations and the international natural medicine society certification standards of the population base, but there are more than 5 thousand people within the two centenarians, is also very rare." Gong Xun said. See reporters come in, lying in bed, Ma Xiaojin sat up and stretched lazily, smiled and said: "I am older, some ears back, you speak a little louder." Reporters saw the old man’s hair is all white, teeth fall out, in spite of this, the old man looked still hale and hearty, lie can freely walk. Ma Xiaojin’s youngest son, 64 year old Ren Junshen told reporters that the mother was born in 1916, on weekdays, cheerful, love and young joke, at the age of 80 is often under the vegetables, the body has been very tough, even now rarely use. "My mother always loves to eat meat, this is not, this pot of early Braised pork in brown sauce stew, stewed soddenly some old people, good digestion." Ren Jun said repeatedly, in order to take care of the mother, the family also specially invited a nanny. Reporters found that, although a lot of Niu Jia Zhuang Cun, longevity, but everyone’s habits and "longevity" but this is not the only one. "Shijiazhuang is said to be serious pollution, haze serious, but we feel that"相关的主题文章: