Review Of The Panasonic Ep3222 Real Pro Elite Massage Chair Lounger-x3210

Health The Panasonic EP3222 Real Pro Elite massage recliner is the first massage chair to earn the endorsement of the American Chiropractic Association (ACA). It also is the first chair to use Body Scanning Technology. When you sit down in this chair and turn on the Body Scan Technology, it tailors the massage for your personalized body shape and weight. It detects areas of tension and stress to help maximize relief and relaxation. Once the session has begun, however, you cannot then change the shoulder height if it is un.fortable for your tolerancebut you can select to adjust such features in a pre-set program. This chair uses a full body air pressure system, with 33 durable air bags concurrently working together by inflating and deflating in specific patterns and varying speeds to make your tension and stress disappear within moments. With the air pressure system taking care of your back, shoulders, hips, thighs and seat, calves, and feet, that is a total of 614 square inches of all over relaxation therapy. When you sit in the 3222, you really feel like you are a part of the chair. Though this chair will recline to deeply melt away the stress and pain of your daily regimen, due to the nature of the air pressure, the air massage does not adequately stretch’ or traction the back. That will be most effective from the dual roller heads also designed into this chair, to manually move the back thus creating space back in between the discs. So this chair has been designed with both the Air Pressure System for the main feature, along with duel or quad rollers working the tense areas of your back, neck and shoulders, so as to ac.modate those with sensitive to the touch issues and chronic pain. And because the air bags inflate and deflate, you can customize the intensity of the massage being delivered to you. Many people experience fatigue and tension due to their feet and calves, and therefore feel more relaxed and renewed if their feet and calves have been adequately massaged and stretched as well. The Air Bag system delivers that to the user, contouring around each individual’s body type and arches of the feet, curving, .pressing, and kneading away stress. This calf and foot feature works jointly, so you can’t turn off one and just experience the other. You will have both your calves and feet massaged at the same time, or you can turn off the system to only have your upper body, thighs and seat massaged. The Real Pro Elite takes out the thinking for you, and makes your sessions easy with 5 pre-set programs to chose from with varying techniques ranging from 4- 14 minute choices and a 5 minute invigorative session. You can also customize the preferences and body scanning customization by saving your preferences in one of 3 memory programs. With the easy to use remote using an LED screen, and voice guide prompting you and instructing you, you practically just have to sit down to experience relief from whatever type of day you have had. With genuine leather fabric and quality design of the Panasonic chair, this chair is designed to last for the long haul of taking care of you. Most users experience over 1000 hours of use from their Panasonic massage chairs before ever requiring maintenance- that’s .parable to a 15 minute massage every day for 11 years! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: