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UnCategorized Renewable energy is really getting the attention it needs. Today fossil energy reserves are depleting and focus is shifting to others sources of energy that replace these traditional energy sources. The focus is on these energy sources and not without reason. It is environmentally friendly and an almost unlimited source of energy. International energy ministers and advocates together with different non-governmental organizations and environmentalists are joining efforts to promote utilization of this energy. All over the world governments are awarding grants and incentives for the development of renewable energy systems. But what is it? How do we use it today and how can we use it better in the future? Will it solve our energy problems we experience today? What price do we have to pay to these new energy sources? All these questions and more are hot subjects that are discussed by many all over the world. Let’s start here with the simplest question and answer it for you. What is Renewable Energy? This energy source has been used in many ways, but it has been taking for granted many years now. We usually don’t stop and think about these daily little miracles happening all around us. For instance the sunlight does wonderful things us. Sunlight helps us to grow our plants, fruits and vegetables. You can dry your clothes outside in the sun and white clothes even be.e whiter with sun rays. Every one loves to have fun in the sun, Disney World and Universal studio’s are build on location where there is a lot of sunshine and not without reason. Simply lying on the beach in the sun is done by many of us. Sunlight keeps us happy and when deprived from it humans be.e depressed. But sunshine can be used otherwise as well. You can convert sunshine into electricity and use it to power you home and can even give you hot water and heat your pool. Converting sunshine into energy is one of the new sources of energy. Not only sunshine is seen as one of new sources of energy. The water we use for recreational purposes like kayaking can be used otherwise. This flowing water can also be used to generate energy. Wind can also be used and is already used by several countries. In England and Germany the wind generators are placed on the shore where there is plenty of wind. There are also smaller wind generators available for home owners that can be used in addition to the traditional grid system. All these mentioned energy sources are free to use to every one. Sunlight is available during the day and wind is available day and night. Flowing water can be more difficult to make use of because it is not available for every one. The availability of these sources depends where you live. You have to make sure you use the source that is applicable for your personal situation and can even .bine several sources together to make the most of it. Although the sources are free, the devices used to convert these energy sources into usable energy for our homes are not. But nearly for all budgets there is a solution. How does it work? The traditional fossil energy sources such as coal and oil produce energy by means of .bustion or burning fossil fuels. These sources work by directly converting the energy into useful forms. Sunlight is directly converted into electricity which can be used instantly. Why do we need it? There are several reasons why we need alternatives for the traditional energy sources. The fossil fuels reserves are diminishing and the demand for energy is rising and will increase even more. The fossil energy sources will be.e harder to find and even more expensive. To fight these high prices we need alternatives that are in abundance and cheap. Precisely, what these sources are: cheap and in abundance. The .bustion in traditional energy sources results in emission of harmful gases in our atmosphere that causes drastic changes in our climate. These reasons also prompt different governments to prioritize the use of renewable energy to avoid energy shortage, economic, and environmental problems. Thus, these energy sources can go a long way in helping us achieve a stable and reliable energy supply in the future. The energy sources will be available for all and will be cheaper than traditional energy sources. What is even more important is that we will live in a world that is a better place, for us today and for future generations to .e. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: