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Travel-and-Leisure Thousands of reasons exist to consider Tuscany as your next destination of interest for travel, short-term, or even long-term residence. Not only have the Tuscan hillsides and coastline penetrated the hearts of millions across the world, but locations there have been deemed among the best locations in the world, receiving multiple praises and awards. Gaiole in Chianti has been named the number one place in the world to live by Forbes magazine. Places such as Florence, San Gimignano, Siena, and Pienza have all been named UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and Florence has been named one of National Geographic Travelers Places of a Lifetime. Many celebrities have chosen Tuscany as their home away from home. Sting, Under the Tuscan Sun author Frances Mayes, and Debi Mazar from GoodFellas, Batman Forever, and Entourage have all selected to live in Tuscany, alongside the many famous native Tuscans who would live nowhere else. George Clooney calls Italy the very best place to live. He claims it has much to teach Americans, stating that [he] became fascinated by the idea of slowing down and celebrating life. Its something we dont do in America. If you are looking to visit for a short vacation, a short-term residence, or to take up life in Italy, there are many reasons to choose Tuscany. Generally, when foreigners are asked to describe Italy, the description often emerges as one of Tuscany. Rolling green hills, stone farmhouses, cypress trees, and rows of grapevines and olive trees saturate descriptions of Italy. Tuscany has infiltrated the imaginations of those longing for the Italian lifestyle. The foods, the wine, the art, all flow throughout the idea of what Italy truly represents. Tuscany appears to have found the ideal combination of town and country life. It appears its inhabitants have worked hard to find a harmonious meeting place between nature and civilization. Tuscan life provides the opportunity to get away, while still offering access to civilization- roads, airports, shopping, supermarkets, and even the beach in just a short car ride from your tranquil villa. The antique architecture and picturesque hillsides and beach towns that Tuscany offers also provide the unique opportunity (if purchasing) to offset your costs through holiday lets and more. The proximity to motorway networks and major airports increase the reality of a holiday home, attractiveness as a rental property, and also proximity to home if you are feeling homesick. Among all of this are the extraordinary amount of historic treasures found around every corner. Not only is the culture preserved, and the landscape phenomenal, living up to its legendary colors and tranquility, but life in Tuscany also offers the delight of its legendary cuisine. The Tuscan cuisine is nothing famous, but it is completely delightful and scrumptious. Tuscans are all about freshness, lending to seasonal ingredients that are brought to the table quickly with minimal preparation. Then there is the wine a list that seems never ending of renowned vineyards proudly displaying the Chianti region on their labels. If you are looking simply to vacation in Tuscany, consider Italys Finest ( to help you build your dream holiday and introduce you to the Italian lifestyle you imagine. For those looking for short-term residence or a lengthier holiday, try Tuscany Rent Direct ( where you can rent the house of your dreams directly from the owner. For those looking to take up permanent residence or purchase a holiday home, Casa In Toscana (.casaintoscana..) provides the best selection of properties and real estate in Chianti and Tuscany. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: