Reality is no more than the two dimension! Plump sister face what troubles-beself

Reality is no more than the two dimension! What worries now face plump woman casually open some welfare property works, are able to see many old drivers out of the wretched barrage. Among them, the discussion for Optima is able to trigger a strong reaction. Indeed, plump two dimensional sister, you can easily win a lot of people’s hearts. This is a kind of It’s only human.. But in reality, the figure is too rich in fact there are disadvantages. To this end, the Japanese media recently conducted a survey. – "shoulder pain, shoulder pain and backache." (38 year old company affairs department) "I think it will shoulder pain. My wife, Optima, is very big." (28 year old IT technical post), I feel that life will be a lot of inconvenience." (37 year old IT business positions) although not specifically determine how much Optima will lead to shoulder pain, but some cases are at a glance. Look, poor milk has trouble, and too big is not good. – around the line of sight, the choice of clothes "as long as a run, immediately so attractive customers." (other than 26 years old) "my girlfriend said, ‘shoulder pain’ ‘summer wear less, easy to be noticed." (39 years old) "too small". Can’t find the right style." (28 year old IT position) if Optima is too large, it is easy to cause the attention of others. So it’s easy to feel stressed out. Chikan – · "it is easy to droop in the car suffered chikan. In addition to the shoulder pain." (Department of architecture, 40 years of age) "with age, the feeling will sag, very horrible." When I was 37 years old, I had a lot of muscle and skin when I was young. But after age, there is a risk of sagging. So we need to do something about it. In general, the chest is often associated with the advantages, but no matter from the choice of clothing, comfort or other people’s vision and other aspects, will bring trouble. So, there’s no perfect thing. Click to download Tencent anime APP, see more popular anime相关的主题文章: