Premier League – Sanchez scored a goal against Arsenal 3-0 victory over Arsenal, Chelsea, doat

Premier Sanchez was shot – Mesut Ozil scored A Senna 3-0 wins Chelsea (click to watch high-definition photos) sina sports news Beijing time at 00:30 on September 25th (UK local time 24 17:30), 201617 Premier League season sixth round of a focus of the war to compete at the Emirates Stadium, A Senna home court 3 0 victory over Chelsea, Sanchez Walcott and Mesut Ozil shot Jiangong, goal. Arsenal scored 4 straight into the top three. Chelsea suffered League losses. [premier forecast 24 17 small yesterday! Click to see the cold, who today grab 50 percent off prepaid card] Chelsea beat Arsenal last season, nearly 5 Season 11 against Arsenal last season only in the Community Shield Cup defeat, the remaining 10 games 7 wins 3 flat, 6 visits to 3 wins 3 flat. The two sides had 48 games in the history of the Premier League, Arsenal’s top 14 wins and 16 losses, a slight advantage, including the home of 11 wins, 8 draws and 5 losses. This is the 188th sides in the history of the confrontation between the two sides, Arsenal’s 72 wins, 54 draws and 61 losses prevail. Oscar played for small Falun, he and Cech were against the old master. Wenger continues to win the first round lineup. Fourth minutes, Cazorla shot was saved by careful peripheral courtois. Diego Costa every time the ball was Arsenal fans booing, he suddenly koscielny win right-wing free kick, but Arsenal defense rescue calmly. Sanchez restricted the right shot blocked, Mustafi corner melee header was blocked. Arsenal took the lead on eleventh minutes, Cahill return errors, Sanchez ball 12 yards after a single break. Cahill Sanchez broke Cahill’s mistakes mistakes help Arsenal face fourteenth minutes to expand the score, score the ball right Ivo area, Beilailin biography, Walcott unguarded small area before tuishe, 2-0. Ivanovic again defensive mistakes, Mesut Ozil pass, the left side of the restricted area of the low shot out of the far corner of the. Chelsea, strengthen the counterattack, Zal pass, William restricted the right of the headlamp -. Costa pass, William restricted the right pass, Zal Tong, the edge of the area shot was blocked kesiqieerni. God broke with Walcott celebrates scoring Arsenal Sanchez pass, Beilailin outside edge of the area shot it was Cahill plugging. Cross counter Sanchez, Ivanovic in the restricted area arc iwobi yellow card fouls, Sanchez free kick shot by a wall in the Matic block. Zacca to replace the injured Coquelin appearances. Arsenal fortieth minutes near victory, xiechuan Mesut Ozil counterattack, Sanchez restricted the right pass, Mesut Ozil left the restricted area 8 yards from the bouncing ball hanging over the keeper into the net, 3-0. Injury time, a Zal free kick in the melee restricted the right shot hit the side net. Sanchez to help Mesut Ozil break the scoring goals in the second half of the main goal of the second half of the arsenal, but insisted on defending the back of the attack on the world cup in the United states. Iwobi and Mesut Ozil has offside. Walcott pass in the right break away slightly, Sanchez missed the header. Fifty-fifth minutes, a small law by Alonso, Arsenal fans with applause and boos, Chelsea to play the 3 defender. Biography of Azpilicueta相关的主题文章: