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Powder Metallurgy Wins In The Customizing Of Geared Motors Posted By: Rosario Berry A geared motor has exceptional potential for power generation. Converting electrical energy into mechanical drive, it reduces revolution speed using different ratios of gears. This type of motor has wide-ranging application in industries wanting precision motion control, especially the automotive industry, the medical industry, healthcare and other industries using robotics. The most efficient components of these motors are made using powder metallurgy. Mini and Micro Geared Motors Also known as mini and micro motors, miniature motors are useful in medical, healthcare, and automobile applications. Geared motors display remarkable characteristics including torque, strength, form factors and linear performance. Speed reducers, gear drives, pump movements and transmissions benefit from highly sophisticated powder metal technology. Cost Effective Gearing Solutions Powder metallurgy is reducing the cost of production significantly. Massive production output is attainable. Highly accurate rendition of irregular shapes that would otherwise be difficult to process is easily achievable. Geared motor components can be produced economically because there is virtually no loss of raw materials and huge savings in mechanical processing time. Excellent Precision and Quality Compared with mechanical manufacturing of gear parts, powder metallurgy delivers far superior quality in precision motion control components like geared motors.

powder metallurgy Why Should You Choose The Best Metal Components Manufacturers? Posted By: dunitzsantrino Metal manufacturing is quite a complex process. Various processes are used for manufacturing metal amongst which casting is a commonly used process. Here, molten metal is poured into a mould cavity and the metal solidifies and takes the shape of the cavity. So, you have your metal ready in the desired shape. Depending on the kind of mould used, casting is divided into three types: expendable mould casting, permanent mould casting, and powder metallurgy. The process and technique vary for the different types. Deformation is another process used for manufacturing. Here, a tool is used to apply stress to the metal, which eventually yields to the stress of the metal and gets deformed. In the material removal process, extra material is removed from the work piece. This is done to eventually achieve whatever shape is desired. After metal manufacturing, you need to put the metal into good use and it needs to be fabricated. It needs a series of separate processes to be done in a chain like manner, one following the other. Cutting process, bending process, and assembling process are the 3 main operations that take place in the fabrication of metals.
Metal manufacturing The Relevant Brief Of Molybdenum Powder Posted By: anelwew According to industry analysts, molybdenum powder market has slightly increased in some time ago, but some manufacturers raise the offer, so the actual turnover is rare. It is understood that under the effect of the molybdenum chemicals and other upstream products, molybdenum powder manufacturers will slightly raise the commodity price. However, the recent molybdenum raw material’s prices fell slightly, causing some impacts on the molybdenum powder market. Some Chinese metal powder suppliers expressed that the molybdenum powder traded was slightly slow, but will not reduce prices, now all the selling are almost trading for regular customers in cost price, if jettison in low price again, it would not profit at all. The author believes that the current Chinese molybdenum powder market turned into light period, predicted the next period of time, Chinese molybdenum powder market will be flat to down, the supplier’s intention of selling will not too intense. Molybdenum powder’s relevant brief Molybdenum powder is the metallic molybdenum in powder state. Ammonium paramolybdate or calcined molybdenum oxide as raw material, obtained molybdenum powder by hydrogen reduction. Molybdenum powder is the raw materials of molybdenum deep processing products prepared by powder metallurgy.

metal powder supplier Experimental Analysis On Diamond Saw Blade Tool Bit Carcass Posted By: Jason Carter

Diamond Saw Blade Application Of Titanium Powder Metallurgy In China Posted By: anelwew

metal powder supplier Proper R & D In Particle Size Analysis Will Help You Achieve More! Posted By: Escubed Limited R AND D activities are a set of activities which involve advanced scientific techniques and knowledge. These activities are found in industries and also in government facilities. R AND D activities generally intend to create new products, processes and services which help in acquiring instant results in terms of return on investments. It also tries to innovate with the existing products and services, for making them more appealing for the targeted audience. These new models are generally tried and tested by the company engineers and then by the industrial scientists. In this age of cut throat competition, the businesses are always trying to innovate and be more creative in their approach, so that they can grab the attention of the potential buyers. It is now a core part of the modern business model. R AND D helps them to be better and different than the competitors. This sets any company apart from the teeming crowd. R AND D and innovation is an on-going process in any industrial set-up. Some have special R AND D department, which comprises of industrial scientists, industrial psychologists, engineers and other technicians. Some of the companies even outsource their Research work to other agencies which provide such services.

Particle Size Analysis New Manufacturing Technique For Diamond Saw Blades Posted By: Jason Carter With the fast development of home decoration and garden decoration in recent years, more and more stones including marble, granite and others are used as decorative material. During such process, diamond saw blade is always used for stone raw materials cutting. As you know, diamond saw blade is one kind of circular saw blade and widely used for some hard materials cutting such as stone, cement, ceramics and so on. Believe it or not, the stone cutting process is more important during the whole machining process, on the one hand, only with top quality cutting performance, you can get the better home or garden decorative effect with beautiful stone raw material, on the other hands, from the aspect of production cost, the cutting cost is about 50 percent of the whole stone process, in other words, with improper cutting, lots of stone materials would be wasted and cost of production would be too much higher. Therefore in order to reduce the stone processing cost, one effective way is to reduce the manufacturing costs of diamond saw blade so as to improve its cutting performance and working life.

Diamond Saw Blades Applications Of Different Types Of Metal Powders Posted By: Manish Sarda

Brass Powder Powder Metallurgy Method Prepare Titanium Powder Posted By: anelwew Metal titanium and titanium alloys prepared by powder metallurgy method have large chemical activity, easy to polluted by gas and crucible material, thus high quality titanium powder primarily in high vacuum or high purity inert gas protect, use centrifugal atomization process to produce. Products forming are generally not adding binder, the blank must be sintered in vacuum. Late 1940s, it was the first to carry out the pressing and sintering technology research about sponge titanium powder as raw material. However, the product performance produced by this process can not meet the requirements of the aviation sector, mainly for the corrosion, filter and other parts of manufacturing chemical industry, light industry, metallurgy, marine development and other departments needed. Of which the first product won industrial application is titanium porous filter material. In mid-1960s, began to develop rotating electrode process taking titanium alloy powder and hot isostatic densification process. With this technology, the static mechanical properties of products are equivalent with melting processing products, but significantly reduced machining, improved material utilization, started using for the aviation industry. To the late 1970s, titanium powder metallurgy products in corrosion resistance and aviation applications receive rapid development.

metal powder supplier Method For Producing Metal Powder Posted By: anelwew

metal powder supplier Development History Of Diamond Circular Saw Blade Posted By: Jason Carter Nowadays the diamond circular saw blade is the main cutting tool in stone materials processing industry and it is widely used to cut stones such as granite, marble and so on. However, because of expensive cost of natural diamond, it is not widely used in processing industry in the early time. In the following article, I will introduce the develop history of diamond circular saw blade, which would be useful if you want to know more about it. The first diamond circular saw blade was invented in 1885 by Jaeguin, who is a French. When looking at the first diamond circular saw blade, you would notice that it is the circular saw blade inlaid with natural diamond by hands. Later in the 1930s, with the development of powder metallurgy technology, the welded style diamond circular saw blade was invented at that time. In 1954, the artificial diamond was invented, which offers the good chance of fast development of diamond tools manufacturing industry and under such circumstance it is possible to use diamond circular saw blade in stone processing widely.

Circular Saw Blade Do You Know Knowledge About High Speed Steel Posted By: Jason Carter When talking about circular saw blades, it is common to hear the HSS saw blade, which is one of the important types among circular saw blades. Do you know the meaning of HSS? It is the abbreviation of High Speed Steel, which is the high alloy steel containing too many different chemical elements such as carbon, tungsten, molybdenum, chromium, vanadium and others and then processed with heat treatment. When the cutting and sawing temperature is up to 600 Celsius degree and above, its hardness still maintains the original condition, no obvious down trend. According to the different chemical components, powder high-speed steel mold can be divided into common powder high-speed steel mold and high performance high-speed steel. On the other hands, according to the different manufacturing techniques, it can be divided into the smelting high-speed steel and powder metallurgy high-speed steel. In China, the common manufacturing technique is smelting while in foreign countries the powder metallurgy workmanship is the main stream. In the following article, I will introduce some basic knowledge about common powder high-speed steel, are you interested in this topic?

HSS Saw Blade Boron Additive Improve The Wear Properties Of Powder Metallurgy Posted By: anelwew

metal powder supplier Nickel Carbonyl Technological Advances And Market Prospects Posted By: anelwew Use carbonyl can produce high purity nickel pellets, metal powder, alloy powder, powder coating, foam nickel and nano-nickel powder and other products. Due to the special structure state products produced by carbonyl with excellent physical and chemical characteristics, so they are the important raw materials in many areas, especially in high-tech industry. Carbonyl is a process of refining nickel, simple, low energy consumption, high extraction rate, also conducive to the enrichment of precious metals, is a no waste environmental technology. Pyrolysis nickel carbonyl, can be prepared a variety of products with different properties, different shapes, such as zero-dimensional materials (nm, micron powder material), one-dimensional material (needle and filamentary materials), two-dimensional material (film material) and three-dimensional materials (nickel-pill, coating, gradient and hollow materials) and so on. Due to special structural state nickel products prepared by carbonyl with excellent physical and chemical properties, is an important raw material in many fields, especially in high-tech industry, so the market prospect is very broad. Moreover, as technology advances, especially today’s rapid development of nanotechnology, it is foreseeable that the demand of nickel carbonyl and products will increase significantly.

metal powder supplier Manganese Production Technology Posted By: anelwew Manganese is mainly used for high-alloy steels and non-ferrous alloys smelting, used for manganese additives or deoxidizer. Manganese production methods have Pyrogenic process and wet method. Pyrogenic process including silicon thermal power with thermo reduction, wet smelting is mainly the electrolytic route. Pyrogenic process smelting, in the early stages of manganese production, once used silicon, aluminum or carbon reduction pyrogenic process, continuing to the present there are still applying. Silicon thermal method used widely, need to use electricity as supplementary heat source, its advantage is low production costs. Silicon thermal power can only obtain manganese metal that contains 95 ~ 98% of Mn. Thermite method can only obtain low-grade manganese metal that contains 85 ~ 92% of Mn. Wet process smelting, which is manganese metal produced by electrolytic route called electrolytic manganese metal. It can be said that the current world produce manganese metal are mainly used electrolytic route, and pyrometallurgical method reduced the secondary. Electrolytic manganese metal is a costly method, the cost is always higher than pyrogenic process. Mainly due to: manganese is a high electronegative metal, the current efficiency is not high, modern production can only reach 60 to 68%;

metal powder supplier Transportation And Storage Of Silicon Powder Posted By: anelwew Silica particles are extremely fine, compared with other powder materials, its specific surface area is up to 20000-280000cm2/g, about 50 times greater than the fly ash, about 50 to 100 times greater than concrete. The production and applications of ultra-fine particles are the high-tech in eighties. At present, there are already have Al2O3, zirconium oxide and other magnetic ultrafine particles, silicon carbide, silicon oxide and other metal powder and alloys ultrafine, can be used for precision ceramics, high-performance powder metallurgy, conductive materials, magnetic sensors, transducer and other new materials. Therefore, the ultrafine characteristic of silicon powder has a very important role on improving and enhancing the properties of the material. Condensed silicon powder in the gas, liquid, back to the process of the phase change by the surface tension, form of different sizes round pellets, and the surface is more smooth, some of them may be two or more spherical granules stick coagulation in together. Doped silica material, this tiny spherical body can play a smooth lubrication role, reduce the friction between the particles, thereby improving the workability of the material, water can be reduced, improve the material properties.

metal powder supplier The Application Of Powder Metallurgy Materials On Motorcycle Posted By: anelwew As the technology continues to progress, the production of powder metallurgy products in China will be significantly increased. At present, every motorcycle production in China was average use 0.8 to 1.2 kg of powder metallurgy parts, while other countries was up to 2 to 3.5kg, the gap between them reflects the powder metallurgy industry in China is relatively backward. However, with China’s motorcycle industry towards large-scale production, the gap will narrow soon. It is expected that motorcycle"s high-performance iron-based powder metallurgy parts demand will reach 10,000 tons, this is a rare opportunity for developing powder metallurgy industry. The methods of improve the iron-based powder metallurgy parts performance, based on the grounds of safety and durability, the requirements to the motorcycle parts performance is high. Therefore, developing high-performance powder metallurgy materials, especially iron-based materials, is the direction of powder metallurgy development and research priorities, the expansion of applications thanks to its technology continues to progress and maturing. Increase the density, powder metallurgy products produced by traditional resintering process, allows the density up to 7.0 to 7.4g/cm3, physical and mechanical properties were substantial increased, but energy consumption is large, high cost.

metal powder Production Of Electrolytic Nickel Powder Posted By: anelwew Electrolytic nickel powder is referred to use electrolytic method to prepare nickel powder, or the electrolysis-reduced nickel powder through hydrogen reduction annealing. This product is mainly used in the atomic energy industry, alkaline batteries, electrical alloy, high-temperature and high-strength alloys, catalysts and additives of powder metallurgy. Electrolytic nickel powder according to their chemical composition and physical properties can be divided into FND-1, FND-2 and FND-3 three grades. Wherein the FND-1 is belonging to electrolytic nickel powder, FND-2 and FND-3 are the electrolysis-reduced nickel powder. According to metal powder supplier, electrolytic nickel powder are generally require to determine zinc, lead, manganese, silicon, bismuth, arsenic, cadmium, tin, antimony, iron, copper, aluminum, magnesium, cobalt, calcium, carbon, phosphorus, sulfur and other 18 kinds of components. Nickel is a chemical element. Chemical symbol is Ni, atomic number is 28, atomic weight is 58.69, belong to family VIII of periodic system. Ancient Egypt, China and Babylonians have been used high nickel content iron meteorite to produce artifacts, the copper-nickel alloy produced by ancient China is with high nickel content. In 1751, the Swedish chemists use charcoal reduce red nickel ore to get nickel, its English name comes from the German kupfernickel, meaning false copper.

metal powder supplier Rare Metals Nickel Lithium And Their Application Posted By: anelwew Rare metals with a variety of excellent properties, thus in various fields of modern science and technology (such as aerospace, energy, electronics, chemicals, etc.), played an increasingly important role. In some areas, the application of rare metal materials even became one of the main factors to promote the development of the field at one stage. Nickel reserve is very little on earth, only about one percent of six hundred of the iron, and nickel is not easy to refine, so that nickel is more expensive. Nickel is an important material for high-temperature alloys, have unique corrosion resistance. The nickel powder widely used in nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride batteries, filters, military, additives of powder metallurgy, precision alloy, special steel, stainless steel electrode, getter of electronic kinescope, high or ultra-high frequency magnetic materials. Nickel is a silvery white metal, the density is 8.9g/cm3, melting point is 1455°C, with a face-centered cubic lattice, high strength, good ductility, poor thermal conductivity, large resistance.

metal powder Powder Sintering Theory Posted By: anelwew

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