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"Poké mon Go"; after the explosion of red SONY targeting AR Mobile Games freelance reporter Liu Yanqiu Beijing reported on the launch of Nintendo’s "Poké mon Go"; after become a phenomenal game industry had analysts believe that Nintendo and SONY to host this game era rival or will continue to compete in the field of Mobile Games. Indeed, at the Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show (IFA), Sony Corp CEO Hirai Yifu told the "Financial Times" interview, said, "the positive development of Mobile Games", also show the "Poké Go" in mon. "Poké mon Go" is a real game changer, with the potential to change the way people move." Hirai Yifu said that some of SONY’s game will also join the AR element. In July this year, "Poké mon Go" hot boost Nintendo’s share price reached its highest level in 6 years, Nintendo’s market value is even more than SONY. According to the Japanese hand travel index released by AppAnnie report, and Nintendo jointly developed Poké mon Go independent gaming company Niantic monthly income is also more than SONY. Facing such a brilliant performance, SONY will not be completely indifferent. In the view of enfodesk interactive entertainment industry research center director Xue Yongfeng, SONY is still one of the world’s largest entertainment company, itself has a very good creative resources and hardware conditions, enter the Mobile Games is very logical. He believes that agents or independent research and development is a feasible way to cut into this field, just look at the timing of the entry, it is really a bit late". However, being late doesn’t mean failure. Compared to the general game developers, such as SONY has a good background of the success rate of large companies to be doubled, the global mobile gaming alliance founder and Secretary General Song Wei told the twenty-first Century economic news reporter. So, this time, the video game industry giant will write the legend of the mobile era? In Mobile Games stand-alone game manufacturers expand Mobile Games business is not so easy. In the Poké mon Go before, in March this year, Nintendo released its first mobile terminal game "Miitomo". Download the initial line is good, a month later, Nintendo officially announced that more than 10 million users worldwide. However, the game then broke a serious problem of user churn. According to a SurveyMonkey poll of third party data, and tribal conflicts over the same period: the Royal "hot war" compared to "Miitomo" weekly users open the application number is 2.3 times lower than the royal family "war" of 4.2 times a week after the churn rate is 48%, is nearly 2.5 times the "war" of the Royal family. SONY to enter the field Mobile Games is striking one snag after another. Back in 2012, when SONY launched PlayStation相关的主题文章: