October Zhejiang sunshine only 1.7 hours a day, the average temperature of the next week, the lowest 9c8836

October Zhejiang sunshine only 1.7 hours a day, the minimum temperature of the next week, the minimum temperature of cold air to come and go, come and go. October 31st ~11 month 1 days, the cold air will move south, Hangzhou is still dominated by rainy days, the temperature will drop some. Next Wednesday, the lowest temperature of Hangzhou single digits to 9 degrees celsius. However, the good news is that the Hangzhou finally soon have a sunny day. Hangzhou City Meteorological Station forecast, November 2nd ~5, good day Hangzhou will usher in a period of an invigorating autumn climate. Today the rain pause, next Wednesday the lowest temperature single digit cold air like playing chicken, north wind was blowing, cold rain beat wildly in the face, Hangzhou temperature from "autumn" ran "autumn" to this weekend, when really a bit cold. Yesterday, the province’s temperature landing, the temperature fell under the "2" altar, and south southeast coastal area in Zhejiang Province, the highest temperature of 17-19 DEG C, the rest of 14-16 C. Yesterday morning, the morning in Hangzhou, the minimum temperature of 12.8 degrees, the highest temperature is only 14.8 degrees Celsius, rustling autumn cold. Today, Hangzhou rain short to avoid, but the temperature continues to "low profile" – overcast to cloudy, temperature 12-18. Provincial Meteorological Observatory is expected today, most of the province overcast to cloudy, but the temperature is still low in the morning, need to pay attention to warm clothing. October 31st ~11 month 1 days, the cold air will move south, Hangzhou is still dominated by rainy weather, the temperature will drop some. So, like today’s weather is short "loophole", and cherish, please pay close attention to drying. Next week, I’m afraid there will be more people to join the "long johns party" in the team. Because the cold to single digits in November 2nd Hangzhou next week, the minimum temperature is only 9 degrees Celsius, the highest temperature of 15 DEG C. November 3rd, the minimum temperature of 10 degrees, the maximum temperature of 17 degrees C. Wearing or not wearing long johns, has always been a very tangled problem. Recently, Chinese weather network to the daily minimum temperature dropped to 5 degrees below as a standard issued "Long Johns, your mother calling you to wear long johns of long johns warning map", the statistics showed that the long johns has been the stage in the north of China in a wide range. Zhejiang is currently belong to the lowest temperature higher than 5 DEG C without long johns range, but how to say it, you, you feel cold, then the long johns gorgeous to wear it. On November 2nd, the day ushered in an invigorating autumn climate day without sunshine, Hangzhou people suffered cold wind, when can enjoy an invigorating autumn climate? This October, Zhejiang really is the lack of the sun. Year October, Zhejiang sunshine up to 5.3 hours per day, since October this year, only about 1.7 hours a day sunshine. According to the provincial meteorological statistics, in October 1st this year to 26, the province’s average of 15 rainy days, 7 days earlier than normal, after 16 days in 1975; the average sunshine hours 42 hours, less than the same period the year 68%, at least for the same period in history; the province’s average rainfall of 134 mm, more than normal over the same period 118%. Take Hangzhou, October 17th -23 days, the total sunshine for 0 hours, yang.相关的主题文章: