Niu Hui Doha talks have not reached a reduction in production, the pound staged roller coaster

Niu Hui: Doha talks have not reached a reduction in production, the pound roller coaster market on Tuesday (February 16th), Russia and Saudi Arabia and other four countries of the Doha talks caused widespread concern in the market. Before the meeting, the oil city investors with hope of cutting production, oil prices soared 5%, but the meeting did not reach a yield reduction agreement, but announced the freezing of production in January level, cold reality made crude oil head fell, oil prices fell. British CPI data suspected leaked ahead of schedule, the pound against the U.S. dollar roller coaster market, in the short term pulled up about 100 points, then fell back, the U.S. market fell to two week low of 1.4278. Gold again rebounded slightly as market sentiment rose again. Europe announced January CPI fell by 0.8%, expected to decline by 0.7%, the former value increased by 0.1%. January CPI growth of 0.3%, the highest since January last year, expected 0.3%, the previous value of 0.2%. Importantly, the UK core CPI in January grew by 1.2%, lower than expected growth of 1.3%, the former value increased by 1.4%. After the data, sterling against the dollar fell slightly after 20 points stabilized, before the data was pulled up 100 points touched 1.4515, may be data leaked. However, as the stock market and oil prices fell, the exchange rate also fell. International crude oil Tuesday experienced " from exultation to the scene of a great ", Russia and Saudi Arabia and other countries; not announced production cuts but freeze output, which makes the crude oil market was disappointed, Brent rose as spit turned down. The oil ministers of Russia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Venezuela have held a press conference after the closed door meeting, announcing the freeze of production from January levels and no agreement on the reduction of production, which undoubtedly disappointed investors. Onami, Saudi Arabia’s oil minister, said that " agreed to freeze output and was at the beginning of a process for assessing the situation in the coming months, and we will consider further measures to stabilize the crude oil market. " market analysts pointed out that the European secret of this statement will undoubtedly lead to speculation in the market, the measures taken in recent days, Saudi Arabia to stabilize oil prices in the first step. According to the British Financial Times news, a Gulf state OPEC representatives said Saudi Arabia and other oil producing countries may consider reducing production and other measures to boost oil prices. In addition to the oil producing countries beyond BRIC subsequently have made Iraq oil producers are willing to freeze allegedly agreement at the level of crude oil production; Iran is willing to yield itself before sanctions freeze to discuss production matters; Azerbaijan’s energy minister said that the country has no plans to freeze oil production; Venezuela said Iran, Iraqi officials will meet in Tehran the oil minister on Wednesday. Discuss production freeze. This result disappointed the market, after investors were expecting Russia and Saudi Arabia to reach a new agreement on cutting production, which also foreshadowed the subsequent oil price crash. After the announcement, the international oil prices continue to fall, the day morning rose exhaustively taking. US crude oil fell below 30 mark to near $29 barrel. On the decline of oil price in the United States

牛汇:多哈会谈未达成减产,英镑上演过山车行情   周二(2月16日),俄罗斯和沙特等四国的多哈会谈引发市场广泛关注。会议前,油市投资者满怀减产希望,油价一度飙升5%,但此次会议并未达成减产协议而是宣布冻结产出于1月水准,冷酷的现实让原油多头狠狠摔了一跤,油价随之下挫。英国CPI数据疑似遭到提前泄露,英镑兑美元上演过山车行情,在短线拉升约100点之后随后回落,美市盘初跌至两周低点1.4278。由于市场避险情绪再次提升,黄金出现小幅反弹。   欧洲时段公布的英国1月CPI环比下跌0.8%,预期下跌0.7%,前值增长0.1%。1月CPI同比增长0.3%,为去年1月以来最高,预期0.3%,前值0.2%。重要的是英国1月核心CPI同比增长1.2%,低于预期增长1.3%,前值增长1.4%。   数据后英镑兑美元短暂回落20点后企稳,数据公布前一度拉升100点触及1.4515,可能是数据被泄露。不过随着股市和油价的回落,汇价也下跌。   国际原油周二经历了"从大喜到大悲的一幕",俄罗斯和沙特等四国最终并未宣布减产而是冻结产出,这让原油市场颇感失望,布伦特涨幅尽吐转为下跌。   俄罗斯、沙特、卡塔尔和委内瑞拉四国石油部长在闭门会议之后召开新闻发布会,宣布冻结产出于1月水准,并未达成减产协议,这无疑让投资者倍感失望。   沙特石油部长欧那密表示,"之所以同意冻结产出,是处于对于未来几个月情况评估程序的开端,我们将考虑是否采取进一步的措施来稳定原油市场。"   市场分析人士指出,欧那密的这一表态无疑将会引发市场的猜测,即日内的举措涨势沙特稳定油价的第一步。   据英国金融时报消息称,一名海湾国家欧佩克代表表示沙特和其他产油大国可能会考虑减产等措施提振油价。   除四国之外的产油国随后也陆续表态:伊拉克据称愿意根据产油国协议冻结原油产量;伊朗愿意在自身产量达到制裁前水平后讨论产量冻结事宜;阿塞拜疆能源部长表示该国没有计划冻结石油产量;委内瑞拉称其石油部长周三将在德黑兰会晤伊朗、伊拉克官员,讨论产量冻结协议。   这一结果让市场倍感失望,此前投资者都在期望俄罗斯和沙特等国能够就减产达成新的协议,这也为随后油价暴跌埋下伏笔。   消息公布之后,国际油价一路回落,将日内早间的涨幅尽数回吐。美国原油跌破30关口,至29美元 桶附近。美市盘初,油价跌幅扩大,美油跌破29美元 桶,最低触及28.72美元 桶,交易员称GENSCAPE报告称截至2月12日库欣库存增加近70.5万桶。   现货黄金一度因受到原油大跌影响而反弹走高,金价开始缩减跌幅回升至1217.06美元 盎司水平,成功结束两连阴。本交易日欧股下跌推动金价快速反弹,金价成功突破1211.94美元(12月低点至2月高点升势的23.6%回撤位)。   牛汇   2016-2-17 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: