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Nanjing more than 880 thousand retirees rose two staff pension synchronous adjustment Express News (reporter Xiang Fenghua) yesterday, Nanjing and Social Council issued a good news, according to the Jiangsu provincial unified deployment, in Nanjing to participate in the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees, the organs and institutions of staff basic endowment insurance and in December 31, 2015 for retirement or personnel receive periodic cost of living formalities, the adjustment of pensions from January 1st this year. Modern Express reporter learned that the adjustment benefits more than 880 thousand people, including more than 790 thousand retired workers, more than 90 thousand institutions and institutions. It is reported that this is the first adjustment of the basic pension of retirees in Nanjing enterprises and organs and institutions for the first time. The basic pension adjustment, the whole province to implement a unified approach and consistent with previous years, divided into fixed increase, and increase the number of years of payment linked to the basic pension and increase, while the elderly appropriate tilt. At present, to adjust the basic pension for retirees in Nanjing related to the implementation of the work has been basically completed, the adjusted replacement pension in September 30th will be issued in place, October will be increased after the normal payment of pensions. In addition, enterprise retirees for the first half of 2016 for retirement or resignation procedures, from July 1, 2016 onwards, respectively referring to the corresponding provisions to adjust the basic pension or living expenses; during this period reached 70, 75, 80 years old, from July 1, 2016 onwards, the relevant provisions in accordance with the above additional basic pensions to the makeup of elderly people. The adjustment measures are basically consistent with previous years. The fixed amount increases the unified standard for retirees of some enterprises and retirees of institutions and institutions, and increases by 45 yuan per person per month. And I pay the hook, increase the part of enterprise retirees and organs and institutions retirees unified standard, payment years for every 1 years, an increase of 2.4 yuan per month, the monthly increase of less than 36 yuan, according to 36 yuan increase. Some enterprises increase retirement or increase the personnel to receive periodic cost of living adjustments before the monthly basic pension multiplied by 2.3% and I linked pension institutions; retired staff increased according to my month before the adjustment of the basic pension multiplied by 1.8%, on this basis, and then according to a certain proportion of the same personnel basic pension per capita increase. Proper tilt of December 31, 2015, at least 70 years of age under 75 years of age, 75 years of age under 80 years of age and retirees over the age of 80, unified monthly each additional 30 yuan and 40 yuan, 50 yuan; retirement and receive periodic cost of living, the monthly issuance of 20 yuan and 30 yuan respectively, 40 yuan. Extended video: nothing to do with the original, how do we calculate the future pension?

南京88万多名退休人员涨养老金 两类人员同步调整快报讯(记者 项凤华)昨天,南京市人社局发布了一个好消息,根据江苏省统一部署,参加南京市企业职工基本养老保险、机关事业单位工作人员基本养老保险并在2015年12月31日前办理了退休、退职或领取定期生活费手续的人员,从今年1月1日起调整养老金。现代快报记者了解到,此次调整惠及88万多人,其中企业退休职工79万多人,机关事业单位9万多人。据悉,这是南京市企业退休人员和机关事业单位退休人员基本养老金首次实行同步调整。此次基本养老金调整,全省实行统一办法并与往年基本一致,分为固定额增加、与缴费年限挂钩增加和与本人基本养老金挂钩增加,同时对高龄人员适当倾斜。目前,南京退休人员基本养老金调整的相关实施工作已经基本完成,调整后补发的养老金将在9月30日前发放到位,10月起将按增加后的养老金标准正常发放。另外,对2016年上半年办理退休、退职手续的企业退休人员,则从2016年7月1日起,分别参照上述规定相应调整基本养老金或生活费;在此期间达到70、75、80周岁的高龄人员,则从2016年7月1日起,比照上述高龄人员增发基本养老金的相关规定补差。调整办法与往年基本一致固定额增加部分企业退休人员和机关事业单位退休人员统一标准,每人每月增加45元。与本人缴费年限挂钩增加部分企业退休人员和机关事业单位退休人员统一标准,缴费年限每满1年每月增加2.4元,月增加额不足36元的,按36元增加。与本人养老金挂钩增加部分企业退休、退职或领取定期生活费人员按本人调整前的月基本养老金乘以2.3%增加;机关事业单位退休、退职人员按本人调整前的月基本养老金乘以1.8%增加,在此基础上,再按全省同类人员人均基本养老金的一定比例增加。适当倾斜对2015年12月31日前,年满70周岁不满75周岁、年满75周岁不满80周岁以及年满80周岁以上的退休人员,统一每月分别增发30元、40元、50元;退职和领取定期生活费人员,每月分别增发20元、30元、40元。扩展视频:与原文无关 我们未来的养老金怎么算?相关的主题文章: