My grandfather is Chairman Mao guard the public display of photos and medals – Beijing

My grandfather is Chairman Mao guard the public display of photos and medals – Beijing, 80 years ago, in Gansu Province, China red army three main forces, marking the end of the victory of long march. Tens of thousands of Red Army soldiers across the province, through the grass, turned over the snow capped mountains, about twenty-five thousand miles trip. The long march has realized the strategic shift of the main force of the Red Army of Chinese workers and peasants, which is a great miracle in the history of mankind. In the Long March, every item of soldiers carrying the witness of history, some of the items as a "token" spread so far, offspring or transfer or exhibition in a museum. This reporter along the route of the Long March, for the historical "token", the back story about the long march spirit. Don’t forget the martyrs of the sacrifice, carry forward the spirit of the Long March, the construction of a new era of incentive. The autumn of 1934, faced with the fifth counter campaign, the main forces of the Red Army in order to break through the encirclement of the Kuomintang, decided to make a great strategic shift, exit to Gannan area as the representative of the Central Soviet Area, beginning twenty-five thousand march. The reporter visited the source – long road – Jiangxi Ruijin, the Central Soviet Army by looking for leave in this period of revolutionary surge high and sweep forward years of a piece of a story, digging behind the long march road. "Grandpa asked from the Soviet locksmith brings photos" August 24, 2016 morning, Jiangxi Ruijin central revolutionary base Museum storage Exhibition Department office, Xie Jiqiang was poring over the collection of materials, hope that through those through the time words, understand the grandfather Xie Weijun in the Central Soviet Area, fighting the little drops of life. Xie Weijun, Wei Qing, Hunan Leiyang. In 1926, only 18 years old Xie Weijun joined the Communist Party of China, leading the local workers and peasants movement. After Zhu De’s troops in Jinggangshan, and followed Mao Zedong to the Central Soviet Area in Ruijin, the Secretary General Front Committee, working alongside Mao Zedong. Since then, he served as commander of the fifth division of the Red Army independent, exploits in the anti encirclement battle ". In the Central Soviet period, because of the erroneous line against the Provisional Central leftist leaders, Xie Weijun and Deng Xiaoping, together with the criticism of Mao Zetan et al. In the hit, he was removed from the original work, to raise food and engaged in the expansion of the red army. October 1934, Xie Weijun participated in the long march to reach northern shaanxi. By the end of 1935, Xie Weijun CPC Three Special Secretary, Ministry of the rate of advance to Yanan, when passers-by bandits, heroic sacrifice in the battle, when he was 27 years old. "When my grandfather left home to participate in the revolution, my father was only one year old." Xie Jiqiang recalled that in his hometown of Hunan, many items have been lost in the war, only a grandfather sent out from Jinggangshan brought back photographs by her grandmother and treasured up, it also becomes one of the tokens for posterity Xie Weijun number. Xie Weijun with the red army arrived in Jinggangshan, one day, a locksmith home with his village togetherto toolbox to Jinggangshan, "to the people to repair copper lock, some tin pot, is in order to make a living." Locksmith in Jinggangshan Soviet stop, accidentally saw Xie Weijun’s name on a poster and four to inquire about his whereabouts, hoping to find fellow fung. Wyatt相关的主题文章: