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MV   o Sa tear too; Rainie Yang cooperation tacit – Shaanxi Channel – original title: MV Sa, Rainie Yang too tear tacit cooperation Rainie Yang Rainie Yang MV will share the first directed by Rainie Yang "MV" produce beautiful results, just three days in the YouTube collection of millions of fans gave a high popularity, the super MV high evaluation, like mad key Rainie poke in singles, and even fans message of protest: "I hate you, Rainie Yang! Make me cry!" "Single" was named the 2016 best fans cry "tear out the Divine Comedy", and lonely singles alone fell dejected, Rainie hopes to borrow this song to all the single people in the face of "single" this matter, and to release the deepest pain, break down and cry. In October 5th, Rainie Yang for the first time the identity of the director to his "single" MV sharing, she said before the show "Mandala" drama, has been the initiation when the director wants to. The world record for Rainie director Lu has full of expectations, in order to encourage her in this way and strive for further improvement, especially with Rainie "director 100 kit, which includes a camera, director chair, director of barrel, the so-called decision, to do good work, must first sharpen his tools, universal expectations these professional can help with Rainie a helping hand," all day "and then upgrade the Almighty director turned some day in the future"! Rainie Yang directed at the beginning of the container in cooperation with the actress Sa Chariene Choi, no, two women and a guide. Sa is a full understanding, Rainie Muse goddess, give her endless inspiration! MV the day before the shooting, a Sa in the hotel accidentally fell and hurt his knee, Rainie immediately rushed to care about more than a Sa, a flash of inspiration can help a Sa and a clean cut their own play, for single women under independent comments. As for the application of Sa MV to listen to the radio in the plot, its inspiration from Rainie normal work back home, while cleansing will also listen to the radio, this is one of the best time to tidy up a mood Rainie, so she decided to join MV in this episode, the achievements of a Sa MV show the tear. Li Lie invited as "special guests" single MV share, she carried the film after affirmed to spare no effort, Rainie’s directorial debut, but also encouraged all the "Taiwan film fresh people to the road movie with enthusiasm to go step by step. Li Lie Spring Festival next year will launch her producer’s new year comedy "forgetful" village, the villagers Rainie close to the most practical "Bunao San goods" to "forget the village", help them fill the brain, enhance memory, so that memories of life — whether single or not — and don’t forget! Rainie Yang in October 22nd (six) held a new song concert, named "the audience" not tonight, 90 minutes of dialogue and music fans, Rainie in addition to deduce the new album "rings" said inside the new song, will interpret the classic songs over the years. The name "no audience tonight" is because the concert combines the live audience with the show, using stage design MV太催泪 杨丞琳阿Sa合作默契十足–陕西频道–人民网 原标题:MV太催泪 杨丞琳阿Sa合作默契十足   杨丞琳   杨丞琳MV分享会   杨丞琳首次执导MV《单》交出漂亮成绩单,短短三天便在YouTube汇集了百万高人气,歌迷一面倒给予这支MV超高评价,狂赞丞琳戳中单身族群的要害,甚至还有歌迷留言抗议:“杨丞琳我恨你!把我弄哭了!”《单》被歌迷封为2016最好哭的“催泪神曲”,道出单身者孑然一身的落寞与黯然神伤,丞琳希望能借这首歌让所有单身的人面对“单身”这件事,并且把心底最深的痛释放出来,崩溃大哭。   10月5日,杨丞琳首度以导演身份出席自己的《单》MV分享会,她透露之前演出新剧《荼蘼》时,就已萌生想要当导演的念头。环球唱片对于丞琳的导演之路寄予满满的期望,为了鼓励她在这条路上更上一层楼,特别赠送丞琳“导演百宝锦囊”,里头包括摄像机、导演椅、导演筒、拍板,所谓工欲善其事,必先利其器,环球唱片期许这些专业的配备能助丞琳一臂之力,“全能天后”再升级,有朝一日变身“全能导演”!   杨丞琳初执导筒与女主角阿Sa蔡卓妍合作无间,两女一导一演默契十足,阿Sa更是丞琳的缪思女神,给她源源不绝的灵感!MV开拍前一天,阿Sa在酒店不小心跌倒而摔伤了膝盖,丞琳见状马上关心阿Sa之余,灵机一动想到可以帮阿Sa加一场自己清理伤口的戏,为单身女子的独立自主下注解。至于MV里阿Sa听广播的桥段,其灵感来自于丞琳平常工作完回到家,也会一边卸妆一边听广播,对丞琳来说这是一个人整理心情最好的时刻,所以她决定把这个情节加进MV里,成就了阿Sa最催泪的MV演出。   李烈获邀担任《单》MV分享会的特别来宾,她提携电影后进不遗余力,对于丞琳的导演处女作给予肯定,也勉励所有的“台湾电影新鲜人”能够在电影之路上秉持着热忱一步一步走下去。李烈明年春节将推出她监制的贺岁喜剧《健忘村》,丞琳贴心准备了最实用的“补脑圣品”要送给《健忘村》的村民们,帮他们补补脑、增强记忆力,如此一来人生的美好回忆──不管单身与否──才不会忘得一干二净!   杨丞琳将于10月22日(六)举行新歌演唱会,取名为《今晚没有观众》,与歌迷进行90分钟的音乐对话,丞琳除了现场演绎新专辑《年轮说》里头的新曲,也会诠释历年来的经典歌曲。之所以取名为《今晚没有观众》,是因为这场演唱会把现场观众跟节目巧妙融合在一起,利用舞台设计把观众包围起来,就像是在爱情中,每个人的角色总是在演出者、观众之间来回切换。所以说《今晚没有观众》,因为现场每个人都是丞琳歌曲故事中的主角。 (责编:邓  楠、任丽虹)相关的主题文章: