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Live fire all over the world more than half of American men over 60 yuan to send a gift to the anchor – Sports Sohu   according to PayPal commissioned SuperData in France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Poland, Russia, Spain, Britain and the United States, UAE area consumer digital products consumption tendency, habits and behavior survey found that digital games consumption is three times of e-books, a lot of people in the host and the PC MAC platform, 2 times of the Mobile Games game player platform game game player spending. Although a lot of people feel that the players are in the hands of the tour or travel to play hand travel pass time, but it seems that they and PC, as well as the host game players, more time to play at home. In most countries, most of the players are in the hands of the hands of the hands of the bedroom, living room, or even the toilet to play the game, can play in the toilet is also more than the hand travel PC and console games place. In addition to playing the game, another noteworthy trend is the digital consumer live. More and more game player began to watch their favorite video game, "PayPal said, 31% of the surveyed said that they all watch the game, most of them are played, only 23% said watching live video games are played by them. For game companies, to promote the amount of video games to watch the game to bring more sales, can become a new way of income." Twitch can live gaming game is known, but the PayPal found that YouTube is a platform game game player to watch the video of the most (80%), but only 27% Twitch, PlayStation SharePlay platform accounted for 19%, Ustream accounted for 19%, GamingLive accounted for 16%. Perhaps more interestingly, more than half of the surveyed men in the United States to play donated over $10 (about 67 yuan) above the gift, 15% of men said they spend $30-49, there are 10% people or even spend $50-69 over the past 3 months. The amount and proportion of women who give gifts are less. In the past 3 months, only about 34% of respondents said they had received more than $10 worth of gifts. Overall, 68% of the world’s media to buy digital media will watch the game video, so advertisers in the field of live video games and other inputs more budget is a very normal trend. As SuperData’s Joost van Dreunen said, "now the game has become one of the main forms of entertainment, they have millions of users, so advertisers are very concerned about."相关的主题文章: