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Attraction The sooner that you start manifesting abundance, the sooner you can live the happy, fullfilled life that you’ve always dreamed of. In this article I will give you a few steps that you can take to start manifesting abundance. First, you can start by learning to use the law of attraction. The law of attraction, also known as "The Secret", states that what you think about most attracts to you. So if you want to start manifesting abundance, you should start thinking about abundance as much as you can. The law also states that the more feeling you put behind your thoughts, the faster you will attract them. So that means, if you are trying to manifest more money, try to envision yourself with a ton of money and how you would feel if you had a lot of money and were able to buy whatever you want. After you have learned how to implement the law of attraction, every time that you have a feeling of a lack of something, hurry up and switch that thought to thoughts of abundance. Also try to believe, and feel that you already are in possesion of all the things that you truelly want and need. For example, if you want a sports car, envision yourself in the drivers seat speeding down the road somewhere with a great feeling of happiness and satisfaction. Taking these steps as soon as possible, should help you start manifesting abundance. Even after doing these steps on a regular basis, many people find that it isn’t working as fast as they want it to, or it isn’t working at all. If you want to start manifesting abundance quickly, check out the 11 forgotten laws that the movie "The Secret" left out at the Manifesting Abundance link in my author box beow. If you put all of these laws to use, you will have no problem living the life of your dreams. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: