Man mistakenly partner when a wild boar shot wounded due to illegal possession of firearms investiga tataufo

The man mistakenly shot a wild boar as companions for illegal possession of firearms by investigation in September 13th, Beichuan (micro-blog) Qu and Qiang Autonomous County town residents Wang 7 people, carrying 5 of a meter long gunpowder gun and 7 dogs, hunting in the mountain together. In the besieged division, responsible for the detection of Wang will be pursued in addition to a companion wild boar mistaken as a wild boar, a shot. At present, 5 people on suspicion of the crime of illegal possession of firearms, by the police investigation and bail. Wang, more than and 60 years old this year, in September 12th, he and 6 other people to meet the next village near the mountains to hunt. On the morning of September 13th 6 pm, a total of 7 people were carrying 5 guns and 7 dogs into powder. In the morning, they were looking for a game in the mountains to find a wild boar, after a number of chase, wild boar escape, but they have a clear direction. After lunch, a few people again looking for prey, and the division of labor, Wang and others may escape the ambush in the wild boar cornfields, several other people were chasing the wild boar. Around 3 in the afternoon, Wang has been ambushed, suddenly heard more than 100 meters away from the corn to the dog barking, and corn seedlings are constantly shaking. At this point, Wang thought wild boar has been rushed to the place, then took out a gun, fired a shot. Then the corn seedlings did not shake, only the dog barking. The wild boar resistance is extremely strong, Wang stay in place for two minutes after the confirmation of no go forward, found a companion fell to the ground. Wang rushed to call other people, other people immediately rushed to the scene, to cut the branches on a stretcher, the injured companions lift down rushed to hospital for treatment. In September 19th, Beichuan Qiang Autonomous County Public Security Bureau criminal detention brigade police investigators, the injured were rushed to Beichuan county hospital, doctors transferred to Mianyang Central Hospital (micro-blog). That night, found the injured central hospital with gunshot wounds, then call the police calls. Subsequently, Wang also took the initiative to report to the police. After the police investigation, Wang and other people are Qu town farmers, aged more than and 50 to more than and 60 years old. Wang explained that when the incident, because the dog heard the call, but also to see the corn seedlings in the non-stop shaking, thought to be wild boar was caught up to the scene, then opened the gun. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters saw in Beichuan Public Security Bureau, the police seized 5 guns are homemade, length of more than one meter. Police, because the injured have not yet operated, I do not know how the injury, the need for treatment to identify the injury. At present, the police have suspicion of the crime of illegal possession of firearms investigation, 5 people Wang gun was released on bail. Ruan Guoheng Chengdu Daily reporter Tang Xiaojun editor’s note: this has nothing to do with the original video, for the extended reading a drunken man wounded girlfriend admit his girlfriend sister scolded相关的主题文章: