Ma oil and benefits to drive I maintenance reached strategic cooperation-ricky lee neely

Ma Hui drive oil and maintenance of I reached a strategic cooperation in September 9, 2016, as a leader in oil technology — horse oil lubricating oil in Shanghai and the car market after the free maintenance mode to create a platform "benefit drive I maintenance" formally signed a strategic partnership. It is reported that through this cooperation, the two sides will try to be innovative in channel development and operation mode, the traditional coverage and the integration of emerging network platform, accelerate channel development process, and provide special lubricating oil for oil quality ma I maintenance through these channels and platforms, services more than 1 million Hui drive maintenance of I users, to provide more convenient the car, discount and pleasure experience for the majority of owners. The strong horse oil lubricating oil joint, a trend which cannot be halted, centuries of European oil science and technology accumulation with OEM customer service experience based on precision farming in the ground, take a walk, to become the "oil technology solutions partner of choice, for global customers to provide more high-quality, comprehensive service. In recent years, through the silk road project, Ma oil in the Chinese market launched a full swing channel coverage, and strive for the majority of owners to provide more convenient services and quality products. December 2014 free maintenance of this business model landing, I maintenance formally launched. Official data show that after more than a year of operation, the platform currently has 20000 outlets, about 1000000 contracted users, covering the country’s 341 prefecture level administrative region and the county level administrative units of 70%. The combination of the two strong, is bound to bring more benefits to the owners and security! The integration of traditional and emerging network platform coverage, horse oil and Hui drive I maintenance of cooperation will become the O2O market as a strong current Mercedes -AMG- Petronas F1 team of oil technology partners, Petronas has always been advocating innovation and breakthrough. Since entering the Chinese market, Ma on the oil by virtue of the leading technical capabilities and innovative market coverage model, and constantly explore better quality products and services, to meet the diverse needs of Chinese consumers. The cooperation between the horse oil and benefits driving I maintenance, no doubt further honor the long-term commitment to Chinese consumers. I is Shanghai Westbrook and maintenance and the cooperation innovation projects in China and even in the world, is the industry’s unprecedented initiative. Through cooperation with PICC, I maintenance to achieve a true sense of the online booking, free maintenance under the line". This kind of insurance to buy free maintenance throughout the year, the new model was launched, it won the trust of many owners. Shanghai recently announced the establishment of Westbrook and Westbrook finance, issued a "white car" and a series of financial products and financial Jingdong, has injected new vitality into the shop channel. Zhuang Yanhao, general manager of Greater China Petroleum oil horse, said: Ma oil for the project investment has been from the level of product support, to deepen the development of the channel. In the past period of time, Ma oil accumulation through the silk road project, the coverage of the traditional channels has reached a considerable scale. This time we hope that with the benefits of this new car maintenance I cross platform together, with the horse oil "Silk Road" project, in the supply and service on the network, the traditional coverage and the integration of emerging network platform, contact!相关的主题文章: