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Vacation-Rentals There was a time when finding a cheap ac.modation in Delhi was just out of question as Delhi hotels are known to be expensive. However, with the increase in the number of visitors every year to the capital city, the inexpensive guest houses also known as budget hotels started appearing. Some of the affordable yet luxurious hotels are located just diagonally opposite to the New Delhi railway station . These hotels provide world-class facilities and are as .fortable as your home. All the rooms are well-appointed with latest amenities. Not to forget their additional services like laundry service, doctor on call, free newspaper, internet caf, fax and photocopy, business center, flight booking, free pick up from the airport (just 30 minutes away from the hotel) and the list goes on. The cheap ac.modations in Delhi also have variety of rooms like standard, deluxe and also family rooms to offer so that you can choose the one that best fits your need. These hotels have very high security provisions and are hygienically sound. To make your life easier while choosing a hotel in Delhi, try and make sure that the hotel is approved by the Government of India and is IATA certified as these hotels have certainly met the standards laid down by the Govt. You can make a booking with these hotels online as their highly developed websites are very user friendly. Also browse through the websites of these cheap ac.modations in Delhi so as to get more information about their services which can be your travel guide in the course of your stay. Like their exact location, nearby areas, discounted tariffs, special offers if any, palaces to visit etc. For all the above listed reasons Delhi hotels are worth a stay for sure. If one is travelling to the .mercial hub for a business reason, he or she would certainly prefer an ac.modation that is reasonable rather than luxurious and if anyone is travelling for a leisure purpose then a .fortable stay is more of an importance, however we can say that luxury has be.e economical in the face of cheap ac.modations in Delhi . About the Author: 相关的主题文章: