Lunch review monkey start Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index fell 3.95%-freyja

Lunch review: monkey start Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index fell 3.95% hot column capital flows thousands of thousands of stocks the latest Rating Rating diagnosis simulated trading client Sina client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong stocks through Sina level2 market mechanism cards financial news news for investors in Hongkong stock market in February 11th, the year of the monkey start. Morning Hongkong time 11:43, the Hang Seng Index fell 4%, is the highest since the 1994 lunar new year on the first day of trading the worst performance. Although 22 years ago on the first day to lose the first battle just the next three months fell 17%, but for bulls is not all bad news. In the other 10 years since 1990 on the first day of the lunar new year in the lower half of the year, the rally in the next three months. As of midday close, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index fell 3.95%, at 18526.031 points. The state-owned enterprise index fell 4.83%, to 7665.740 points. Red chip index fell 4.44% at 3252.390 point. Lenovo Group fell 7.93% to HK $6.27, led by blue chip. Sinopec fell 7.08%, CNOOC fell 6.86%, China oil fell 6.16%. Hongkong SAR financial affairs and library Secretary Chen Jiaqiang said that the Hongkong market continued volatility, and that can protect Hongkong confidence in the Hong Kong dollar exchange rate system, but considering the ample liquidity, so the dollar outflow is not worried. Guo Sizhi believes that the February date is still high and low temporarily form first, high 19770 points for 1 days, while the low 18764 points temporarily for the 3 days, the amplitude of 1006 point meter can not meet the requirements of the amplitude of the month. Moreover, the high and low one month will not appear at the same time in three trading days, the big city such as to break 19770 points, the index is lower in the back. As long as there are down about 1500 points of amplitude month, HSI may have wear the first bottom. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

午评:猴年开局不利 港股恒指跌3.95% 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   新浪财经讯 2月11日消息 对香港股市投资者而言,猴年开局不利。香港时间上午11:43,恒生指数跌4%,势将创下1994年以来农历新年首日交易最差表现。尽管22年前的首日出师不利只是接下来三个月重挫17%的前奏,但是对于看涨人士而言也不都是坏消息。在1990年以来农历新年首日收低的其他10个年份中,有一半的年份在接下来三个月出现涨势。截止午间收盘,港股恒指跌3.95%,报18526.031点。国企指数跌4.83%,报7665.740点。红筹指数跌4.44%,报3252.390点。   联想集团跌7.93%,报6.27港元,领跌蓝筹。中国石化跌7.08%,中海油跌6.86%,中国石油跌6.16%。   香港特区财经事务与库务局局长陈家强称,香港市场继续剧烈波动,并称对港元汇率制度能够保护香港抱有信心,但考虑到流动性充足,因此对港元外流并不感到担心。   郭思治认为,二月至今止计仍暂属先高而后低之形态,高位为1日之19770点,而低位则暂为3日之18764点,以1006点之波幅计该不能满足月内对波幅之要求。况且,一个月之高低位是不会同时出现于三个交易天之内,故大市如无法上破19770点的话,则更低之指数将在后头。只要月内有约1500点之下跌波幅,恒指已可能出现穿首个底矣。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: